18 Days of Christmas: Stephen DeStefano

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Stephen DeStefano is a very talented animator and cartoonist who’s worked on everything from Ren & Stimpy to The Venture Brothers, making him a hero in some households. He has a graphic novel coming out in 2010 called LUCKY IN LOVE, VOL. 1, A POOR MAN’S HISTORY, which you can read more about in his blog , specifically here.

BONUS: Some of his background designs for “Stimpy’s First Fart” that includes both holiday drawing AND a lesson in composition.


  1. Hey, Heidi! Didn’t DeStefano illustrate one of your poems back in Instant Piano?

  2. The Beat says:

    Indeed! Stephen an dI collaborated on a few short projects back in the day, Including Battlefart!

  3. Chris Higgins says:

    Was Stephen DeStefano also the guy who helped create Mazing Man back in 80s for DC?

  4. That’s the guy! Wish they’d bring that tile back into print.

  5. Stephen DeStefano says:

    Thanks for the plug Heidi. When will I be receiving my BATTLEFART royalties?

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