2010 Ignatz Award winners

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Presented Saturday night at the Small Press Expo, here are the 2010 Ignatz Award winners. Nominees were chosen by a panel comprised of Anders Nilsen, David Kelly, Rob G, Joshua Cotter, and Trevor Alixopoulos. Winners were voted on by SPX attendees:

201009131204 2010 Ignatz Award winners

Outstanding Artist
Eddie Campbell, Alec: The Years Have Pants (A Life-Sized Omnibus) (Top Shelf Productions)

Outstanding Anthology or Collection
Masterpiece Comics, R. Sikoryak (Drawn & Quarterly)

Outstanding Graphic Novel
Market Day, James Sturm (Drawn &

Outstanding Story
Monsters, Ken Dahl (Secret Acres)

Promising New Talent
Matt Wiegle, “The Orphan Baiter”, Papercutter #13 (Tugboat Press)

Outstanding Series
Ganges, Kevin Huizenga (Fantagraphics Books)

Outstanding Comic
I Want You, Lisa Hanawalt (Buenaventura Press)

Outstanding Mini-Comic
Rambo 3.5, Jim Rugg

Outstanding Online Comic
Troop 142, Mike Dawson

Johanna Draper Carlson (who was a presenter) has a fuller report on the proceedings which we live-tweeted.

She also has a link to the winner of the First Annual Animation Showcase Audience Choice Award. “Deadline” by Bang-Yao Liu.

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