Tonight To Do: Callahan and Broth at Secret Headquarters


Secret Headquarters 3817 W, Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 323.666.2228

Tonight To Do: Gene Yang at Boutiki in San Jose


SLG Boutiki 577 S. Market St. San Jose, CA 95113 408-971-8929 MORE INFO HERE

Colleen Doran’s sites hacked, but will return


Both of artist Colleen Doran’s sites — A Distant Soil and — have been hacked, she confirmed in a phone call. Luckily, all her sites — which host her webcomic serialization of A DISTANT SOIL and her popular, pithy blog– had been backed up and have been moved to a new host and should […]

Gregory Noveck leaving DC


We won’t slap a “Tolja!!!” over this, but a memo this afternoon confirms what many had been predicting since DC’s new regime took over last fall: SVP of creative affairs Greg Noveck who for six years had been DC”s main man in Hollywood, is leaving to go back to producing. A memo signed by Geoff […]

Man of Action gets more action with Spider-Man


While folks like Mark Millar, Mike Mignola, and Robert Kirkman have been deservedly marked by the success of their creations in Hollywood, one hard-working studio of writers has a pretty significant run of hits behind them — without getting too much in the way of recognition. We’re talking about the Man of Action Studios — […]

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: June 2010


by Marc-Oliver Frisch After unleashing a deluge of new titles in May, DC Comics’ lineup of major periodicals was fairly restrained in June. There were oversized “milestone” issues of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, the latest Green Arrow relaunch and, following up on a 2008 event, a second wave of Joker’s Asylum one-shots. Average and […]

Yogi Bear stars in new horror film about deviant sex


Or at least that’s what the poster says.

Click for the full size version so you can see the single sinister spot of moisture on Yogi’s nose—mucus? phlegm? or…something else???—and the light glinting off his vampire fangs. Brrrrrr.

“Good things come in bears.”

How much did the people who sat around coming up with this slogan get paid?

Ben Caldwell’s WONDER WOMAN pitch features unlikely slant


A version of Wonder Woman aimed at teen-aged girls and not 40-year-old men? That will never fly.

BTW for everyone who is always wondering “How should a pitch look???” Here’s an example. Of course, being able to draw as well as Ben Caldwell really helps.

Nice Art: James Stokoe draws the hell out of Galactus


Canadian artist James Stokoe (ORC STAIN, WONTON SOUP) tweeted a warm-up drawing of Galactus, seen full-size here. Holy crap. (Via Robot 6)

The LUCKY IN LOVE trailer


Artist Stephen DeStefano directs us to a trailer for his new graphic novel LUCKY IN LOVE, written by George Chieffet. The trailer was directed by Miguel Martinez-Joffre and colored by Carly Monardo — both are vets of The Venture Bros., as is DeStefano.