EXCLUSIVE: A month of Previews: Wolverine #4


Continuing our month of previews, here’s a peek at WOLVERINE #4, the continuation of the “Wolverine Goes to Hell” storyline by Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes. In this issue “Hellverine” tussles with Colossus and an even…lower authority. The issue goes on sale December 1.   

Comic-Con registration re-opens November 22, 6 am PST


San Diego Comic-Con is trying again. Registration for four-day passes and one-day passes go on sale Monday, November 22nd at 6 am Pacific Standard Time. This is three hours earlier than the last, abortive attempt, perhaps curtailing the onslaught of locals with an earlier starting time.

The Walking Dead shambles to another season, setting ratings records


This is either a zombie renaissance, or a comic book renaissance for TV, as The Walking Dead has officially been greenlit for a second season or a whole 13 episodes after record ratings. As the President of AMC put it:

“No other cable series has ever attracted as many Adults 18-49 as ‘The Walking Dead.

That’s called making an impact. The second episode, which aired last night, w as down only a tick from the premiere’s record breaking ratings.

Congrats once again to Robert Kirkman and company. PR below.

Billy Dogma in "Sex Planet" — the motion comic


Quote Dean Haspiel:

“From the motion comics I’ve been privy to, I feel that most executions fail. It’s a poor substitute for animation and corrupts the virtues of the static, sequential graphic rather than enhances. However, my rejection of motion comics is what challenged me to revisit the concept when Daniel Kramer offered to direct and produce a version of BILLY DOGMA in “Sex Planet.” I think our solution splits the difference between comix proper and moving pictures with sound. If anything, our motion comic compliments the source material while adding a new dimension to the reading/viewing experience. It helps set a pace and acknowledges the power of comics that could otherwise be overlooked in our daily haste.”

PW's Best Books of 2010


Continuing on with the end of year announcements, PW’s annual Best Books issues is out, and it includes 10 graphic novels, as follows:

Mid-Ohio-Con/Wizard update


According to numerous reports, the “acquisition’ of the Mid-Ohio Con by the Wizard convention group was a hot gossip topic at this weekend’s Mid-Ohio Con, and several message boards as well. The page we linked to has been taken down but, oddly, this ticket price list has been left up — Johanna has more and reactions, as does the comment thread at our original story (which for some reason we can’t edit.)

We asked Wizard spokesman Jerry Milani for comment and replied “We don’t have any formal announcement yet.”

A month of Image teasers: "An' I keep fantasizin' about killing Butcher."


The mystery continues with a killing fetish…

Antique comics production tools #2: The Ames Lettering Guide


Dustin Harbin delves into the strange world of the Ames Lettering Guide, whose mysterious wheel and holes have long mystified non-acolytes:

Antique comics production tools #1: The color chart


Via the CO2 blog, Gerry Giovinco explores the history of coloring via the color chart, a mix of CMYK values which was all folks had to work with as recently as 10 years ago. I remember once seeing an editor reduced to tears by having to spec a color guide from a color chart. It wasn’t pretty.

Nice Art: The Thing fighting while holding an ice cream cone


Each week, former Marvel editor Nate Cosby asks people to draw things and they draw them. This week: BEN GRIMM (THE THING) FIGHTING WHILE HOLDING AN ICE CREAM CONE. This contribution is by Evan “Doc” Shaner , a ComicTwart member who is very talented indeed. More Things and ice cream in the link.

Around the world in cons: Helsinki, Singapore, Easthampter, Bellingham, Boston


Every week there are seemingly dozens of comics conventions, signings, art shows and so on around the world. Covering them all is impossible for a multi-topic site, but here’s a brief run down of coverage and news: ¶ MUST READ: Matthias Wivel has a great write up of the Helsinki Book fair and asks What […]

The birth of irony


If this cover to FOUR COLOR No. 423, September 1952 were published today it would totally be hipsteriffic.

Walking Dead Recap: It takes guts


Last week ‘s Walking Dead left off with everyman hero, Rick Grimes, down one seriously gored horse and trapped inside a tank with throngs of the undead crawling all over it.  Will he make it out alive!? Yeah, sure, of course.  But not without trial, error, carnage and a morally compromised ol’ lady.   This week’s episode, Guts, started off driving home Rick’s cruel fate even further by opening up with his former cop buddy, Shane, licking the now wedding ring eschewing Mrs. Grimes all over.