Sales Charts: Barnes & Noble Graphic Novel Bestsellers: October 2012


It’s the beginning of the month and given the recent talk about Chris Ware’s bestseller, I thought I’d check to see how it was selling over at    #911.  Not too surprising, but what caught my eye were the numerous titles above it!  So I figured it was time for another periodical look at […]

NYCC 2012: A Look Ahead to NYCC 2014

Javits subway construction

It’s almost a week before New York Comic Con commences, and we here at Beat Central are beginning to panic as we contemplate the 4+ days of Nerd Homecoming™.  (Yes, that’s my phrase.  Prom is in Spring, Homecoming is in Autumn.) Myself, I’ll start if off with some liquid fortitude, with THREE soirees Wednesday night. […]

Review: The Tower Chronicles


By Todd Allen The Tower Chronicles: Geisthawk is the first in a series of graphic albums from Legendary Comics concerning a monster hunter named Tower.  In a little bit of a twist, this concept was actually hatched by Legendary Entertainment founder Thomas Tull (the producer or executive producer of Dark Knight, The Hangover, The Town, […]

HYPE: ICv2 Conference announces industry guests


Disclaimer; we’re a sponsor of this year’s ICv2 Conference on Digital and Comics, which will be held Wednesday, October 10th, the day before New York Comic-Con kicks off, but it sounds like a line-up of smart industry people and essential topics, if we do say so ourselves. And just added, a fireside chat between Chris […]

NYCC Exclusive – Quantum & Woody at Valiant – Updated


By Todd Allen The comment section has been clamoring for new about what the revived Valiant is planning on doing with Quantum and Woody.  If you haven’t experienced Q&W, it was a comic that ran at the second incarnation of Valiant from ’97-’00 with a a one year gap in the middle.  It was a buddy […]

Monday Morning Funnies: Pubertina

Pubertina discovers the joys of burgeoning womanhood, like maxipads.

Welcome to the Tuesday afternoon edition of the new Beat feature, Monday Morning Funnies. This week features the YouTube tween cartoon sensation, Pubertina. Sorry for delay, but, well, you know how teenagers are. They’ve got issues! And Pubertina is no exception. Well, actually, she kind of is. Since the Shut Up! Cartoon about “Pubes,” a […]

TONIGHT: Fifty Shades of Banned!


Banned books week is upon us, and the CBLDF is doing its part by hosting what will be a night of erotically sensational readings and an all around fabulous time. Fifty Shades of Banned will feature dramatic readings from censored literature, including The Story of O,Joe Blow, Howl, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and Fifty Shades of Grey. Performers include sexologist […]

31 Days of Halloween: Bobby Timony’s Casper Rider


Megaskull: The Interview

IMG_9627 copy

At this year’s SPX, London’s Nobrow Press booth was indeed one of the shining surprises of the weekend. Filled with some of the most artistically intuitive graphic novels and then some, one of the newest highlights was indefinitely Kyle Platt’s MEGASKULL. While not in attendance, MEGASKULL was released at a party in its honor at […]

Todd McFarlane is suing Al Simmons over Spawn identity—here’s the complaint


It’s been a a little while since Todd McFarlane was involved in a lawsuit, but that sad, empty feeling can go away now, as he is suing former employee Al Simmons for claiming to be Spawn. For anyone who was around in the 90s this will come as a surprise since Al Simmons, the real […]

On the Scene: MorrisonCon—how life changing was it?


That’s a lot to promise. When mold-breaking comics retailers James Sime and Kirsten Baldock united with iFanboy podcast host Ron Richards to put together a show—“all magick, no science” as Sime repeated over the weekend—their goal was to dismantle the current model of comic book conventions and build something new in its place.

Jackman and Affleck: What they were REALLY thinking


MTV has a few interviews with past and present superhero actors who reveal a bit more of what they were REALLY thinking while on those junkets. § You can tell Hugh Jackman is sad—as are we—as he contemplates the Darren Aronofsky Wolverine movie that will never be, and confesses that the first solo Wolverine outing […]

Building Stories is a hit


While we all know that Amazon rankings are easily gamed and represent dozens not hundreds of copies sold, it’s worth noting that Chris Ware’s epic Building Stories is selling quite briskly on Amazon,firmly ensconced in the top 100 of all books. It’s not the only “sorta comic” in the top 100— the new Wimpy Kid, […]

Digital orphans: Sony’s PSP digital comic store closes


Early in, early out. Sony’s PSP-based digital comics shop is officially closing at the end of the month. Comics will be unavailable to purchase after October 30. Previous purchases will still be available until mid-January 2013, and “After this date, users will no longer be able to re-download any previously purchased content.” The PSP store […]

San Diego Comic-Con will get bigger! In 2017! Maybe!


The San Diego City council officially approved the $520 million convention center expansion project yesterday, clearing the way for a Bigger Bang Theory panel, and the 502nd Legion at the Nerd Prom. BUT many hurdles remain, and one of them is named Cory Briggs. “Everyone has told them this thing is not going to survive […]

The Justice League Welcome The Craftsman to their Team, and the world rejoices


By Steve Morris Launching at NYCC but also available now as a free digital comic, DC’s newest member of the Justice League is perhaps the best new superhero of the decade. Launched as part of a product deal with Craftsman Tools, The Craftsman is the DIY repair man for the Justice League Hall of Justice, […]