FIRST LOOK: Amazing Spider-Man #700 by Jen van Meter and Stephanie Buscema


While the main storyline sounds exciting enough, so do the backups and Marvel has provided the Beat with an exclusive peek at the van Meter/Buscema tale. It’s always a good time when the Black Cat shows up, and even better when it looks this great.

Marvel Tease X-Termination


Ed McGuinness delivers a fight between Wolverine and the Nightcrawler from Age of Apocalypse in this new teaser image from Marvel, which seems to be suggesting at the next storyline for Wolverine & The X-Men. Or an upcoming crossover. Or that something magical has happened. One of these things. Read on for speculation as to […]

Morrison v Moore — the Comics Version


Via Millarworld — in case you have been sleeping and missed Grant Morrison’s thoughts on Alan Moore. We don’t know the credits for this, but it’s pretty awesome.

Kickwatcher & Preview: Big Feminist But kicks ass


A new Kickstarter just launched this morning for The Big Feminist But a comics anthology of stories about women, men, attitudes and the humor and drama of those attitudes. Contributors include Jeffrey Brown, Gabrielle Bell, Lauren Weinstein, Josh Neufeld, Sarah Oleksyk, Corrine Mucha and many more, including what may be the last published comic by the late, great Dylan Williams. The goal is $13,995 which will pay for printing and distribution and a page rate for contributors.

Comic Book Men: are they all still men?


The arrival of this Comic Book Men recap reminded us of something from long long ago and the time known as 2011. Back when the show was announced, there was much complaining that a show called Comic Book Men did not reflect the actual world that we live in, where almost every comics shop has […]

Geek girl updates from the past


Johanna Draper Carlson finds a SF book from 24 years ago that predicted the kind of soul-stealing succubus that many fear wit a narrative involving a SF convention:

Breaking: Graphic novels are DEFINITELY not just for nerds any more


Over the holiday weekend, I had a chance to view Ron Mann’s documntary Comic Book Confidential, about which I will have more to say at a future date, but the 1989 film serves as a nice recap of the story until the comics shop collapse of the 90s—from Wertham to Maus and Miller, a pretty […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Chunks, 11/26/12: Welcome back to the office from butts to Stan Lynde


First off the holiday is face-to-ass, with Mark Sanchez and Brandon Moore and Spider-Man and Uncle Sam as captured by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada. One is amusing, one tragic…you decide which is which.


chew cover photo

Chew, the multi-awarding comic arrives at the halfway point in the series and hits comic stands this Wednesday.  The Beat gives you the advanced (spoiler free) review of Chew #30 the bonus-sized wedding issue with a wicked awesome free tri-fold poster for no cost.