Marvel Starts Releasing 50th Anniversary X-Men Covers


Here are a few of my favourite things…. Marvel, aware that I demand delight at least once a month, have started releasing ‘X-Men 50th Anniversary’ variant covers for several of their books. The X-Men have – yes – been around for 50 years as of 2013, with Stan Lee’s original vision now old enough to […]

More on comiXology


ComiXology has released a statement on their #1 ranking in the iPad app grossing list, as well as the fact that they have made available over 2 billion comics pages. Also to correct an earlier factoid, last year ComiXology was the #10 top grossing app on the iPad, not #11. ComiXology – the revolutionary digital […]

Comics come to Fox & Friends with Joe Palooka


Apocalypse now? Boxing announcer/comics publisher Joe Antonacci will be appearing this Friday on Fox & Friends to talk about the Joe Palooka comic which is launching this week from IDW. (Disclosure: We were a consultant on the project.) Hopefully, this will be a peaceful discussion of how awesome comics are and not a session on […]

ComiXology #3 highest grossing iPad app for the year


Inside Mobile Apps has its top app charts for the year and comiXology ended up as the third highest-grossing app of the year on the iPad. iPad Top Grossing • 1. DragonVale • 2. Slotmania HD • 3. Comics • 4. Pages • 5. Quickoffice Pro HD • 6. Slotmania • 7. Kingdoms of Camelot: […]

Webcomic Alert: Noah van Sciver’s “King of Comic Books”


’90s nostalgia fans get in line! Van Sciver travels back to the ’90s comics scene in Seattle, when “comics were cool” and hijinks ensue.

No more Spirit or pulp heroes at DC


It seems that DC has stopped its program of licensing old pulp heroes, based on a post on Dan DiDio’s Facebook page, as reported by Graeme McMillan: On his Facebook page, Dan Didio was asked “Are the Spirit, Doc Savage and the Avenger still at DC? Will we see them again?” only to respond with, […]

THE HOBBIT is just like rice pudding: good to the last drop


Over the years, I’ve developed a stable of sick foods for those days—whether self-incurred or sent by nature—when you just can’t get out of bed. One of my favorites, frequently referenced here, is Kozy Shack Rice Pudding, a magical substance, each bite of which contains the exactly perfect ratio of creamy vanilla custard and chewy […]