Friday Cat Blogging: right at home


In an earlier post, I alluded to the trials of 2012, and the sorrow of losing my dear cat Inky at age (almost) 20. That was very difficult, and I will always miss her, but a good thing did come of it: Ben and I were fortunate enough to find two adorable, marvelous kittens, now […]

40 years of pain: The History of Siegel and Shuster by Steve Gerber


Let’s start the year out with a return to comics’ original sin: Daniel Best reprints Truth, Justice, & The Corporate Conscience by Steve Gerber, an article from WAP, a creator’s rights newsletter published in the 80s by Gerber, Steven Grant and Frank Miller.
Gerber, for those who don’t know, was a very influential writer for Marvel in the 70s who eventually sued for ownership of a character he co-created, Howard the Duck. He lost the suit, but never the anger. He died in 2008.

Rex Ryan’s Mark Sanchez tattoo has a comics connection — I swear


Although we’ve sneaked references to the Jet’s 2012 season into the Beat as a cautionary tale here and there, they have only been references and not a full on post, because we just couldn’t make the bizarre saga of the Quarterbacks who Couldn’t and the Coach who Enabled Them (aka The Man Who Mistook a Backside for an Opening) fit into a comics blog.

Until now.

Your Friday Francavilla: SUPER NOIR


A PR piece for the upcoming Black Beetle series by our beloved Francesco Francavilla. Friday Francavilla needs to be a regular feature here.

The Beat Reviews for 02/01/13: Featuring Illicit Benedict Cumberbatch Pictures!


2013 rolls in like a Swiss person being pushed down a hill, which means it’s time for some more reviews! And some photos of Benedict Cumberbatch, because I refuse to bow to reader demands. He’s such an intellectual! Trying as ever to get a mix of comics from the shelf, this week sees the usual […]

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2013 Edition, Part Three


Yet another installment of our annual massive survey of the industry. Tons of preview artwork and opinions from industry movers and shakers. Please check it out all the way to the end—there’s a lot of thoughtful commentary on where we’ve been and where we might go next. Part One, Part Two

Big Brother for web cartoonists: Penny Arcade’s Strip Search

strip search

As one of the fruits of their huge Kickstarter campaign, the Penny Arcade folks have made Strip Search! which may finally be the comics competition TV show people have been expecting/dreading for a while. While the above link is a bit light on details, basically a bunch of webcomickers are thrown into a Seattle house and compete to draw the best comics. The contestants:

Walking Dead Season 3.5 preview clips released


Spoilers, I said, spoilers! As you may recall, in the last episode of the first half of the Walking Dead’s third season ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE™ © and the Governor looked to be ready to launch some kind of retaliation as Rick and his crew battened down for bloodshed. Here’s a peek at some of […]

F Yeah Mohawk Storm


A new Tumblr from Sam Humphries devoted to Storm’s acting out moment. Art here by Phil Noto.