2012’s Best Selling Graphic Novels — The Individual Store Version


‘Tis the season for what the bestsellers of the previous year were.  And with it comes the annual opportunity to illustrate that tastes can be regional and different shops sell different titles.  Here’s the graphic novel edition of this phenomenon.   We’ll start out with Diamond’s top 10 list for graphic novels and then contrast […]

Women to enter a comic shop on Big Bang Theory


It all happens this Thursday. That’s one small step for a woman…

Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Fearless Defenders with Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney


Marvel’s Next Big Thing is…. Fearless Defenders! Which launches in February from Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney. We’ve already given you a look at how this Valkyrie-starring book got started, and you can expect a few more insights over the next few weeks. Tease! But tonight Marvel offered the comics press a chat with Bunn […]

Diamond announces top comics for 2012: The Walking Dead, Marvel and Batman


Diamond released its preliminary year-end data for 2012 today, and it wasn’t a big surprise. The Walking Dead #100 was the top selling comics of the year, and the first Wlaking Dead trade toped the GN charts. Marvel was the top publishers over DC.

Sales were up for the year; even graphic novels, which had lagged at times because of the Borders debacle, ended up in double digits point over 2011. Comics sales overall were up nearly 15%—a healthy growth margin that reflects all the good things we’e been talking about.

Phil Noto joins Thunderbolts, and The Punisher gets Romantic


Marvel have released a full teaser image – brings you back to those heady days before one-word teasers, sweet memories – for Daniel Way’s Thunderbolts series, revealing Phil Noto as the artist for the second arc. It also reveals Punisher getting a special lapdance from Elektra.

Stan and Jack seen together c. 1964


One of the holy grails of the blogosphere (at least this blogosphere) has been a picture of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby together to run whenever one of those “Stan did this” or “They made another movie based on Jack Kirby’s characters” comes up. Up until now, this semi-obscured photo from a San Diego Inkpots […]

Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel on new X-Men series in April?


It seems so! Marvel have released another one of their one-word teasers today, although this one is less of a word and more of an initialism. This April, Marvel will be releasing what appears to be an X-Men book, written by Brian Wood and drawn by Oliver Coipel.

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2013 Edition, Part Four


Oh yeah it’s the final countdown, as industry professionals from every walk of life pick out the biggest stories an dpersonalities of 2012 and look ahead to what’s in store for 2013, with plenty of news and art sneak peeks strewn along the way. Perviously: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

BTW, if you count up all the “biggest story of 2012″ answers, the most votes went to one partricular story: Karen Berger leaving Vertigo. It was truly the end of an era of comics.

Corsetto and Sterling craft original Adventure Time graphic novel


Adventure Time comics have been a huge hit for Boom Studios, with variant covers by a who’s who of indie ad animation stars as eagerly sought after as the latest Alex Roos variant. And the franchise has shown enough legs to warrant a stand alone original graphic novel by Danielle Corsetto and Zack Sterling. The cover is by Stephanie Gonzaga.

New ASTRONAUT ACADEMY: REENTRY serialized online


Dave Roman’s Astronaut Academy is coming back in a second graphic novel this year, called Astronaut Academy, and First Second is running it as a webcomic prior to the book release.

A fast paced manga-inspired comedy about the adventures and romances at a school for young space-farers, ASTRONAUT ACAEDMY stars a student named Hakata Soy. The story line involves some sinister romance: