Nice Art: Jack Kirby’s art for ARGO


Although towards the end of his life, Jack Kirby did some work in animation, he never really got to sink his pencil into doing concept art for film or stage. Current best picture nominee Argo is based on a real story, and there was actually a movie planned to be made based on for Lord of Light, an adaptation of Roger Zelazny’s novel. And Jack Kirby did some concept art for the project. Int he film Argo this is portrayed as new art commissioned for the phony movie, but Kirby’s art was extant before the plot to save the hostages. Although bits of it have been floating around for a while, Buzzfeed has the big files.

Preview: Julio’s Day By Gilbert Hernandez

8433373915_e883d9b275_o (1)

  A remarkable fusing of underground and mainstream comic tradition, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez’s Love & Rockets still remains as noteworthy and distinctive since its launch more than 30 years ago. The numerous extended stories enveloped in the series, often presented in a drastic rendition of narrative elision,  allowed for such a diverse breadth of […]

Nice Art: Pierre Ferro


via 50 Watts

Bendis on Cons


As we noted the other day, Brian Michael Bendis is a newly announced guest at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s a very rare convention appearance for him. On his Tumblr he was asked if he’d be doing any other cons and his answer was pretty blunt:

Three graphic novels win Cybil Awards


The winners of the CYBIL Awards were announced last week—Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards — recognizing books that librarians and kids love. The winners are:

Kibbles ‘n’ chunks 2/21/13 – comics are coming to India, Berlin and Long Island!


Today an EXTRA LONG installment of Kibbles ‘n’ Bits that literally spans the world of comics and art. There is something for EVERYONE here — please join us on our journey of clicks.

§ Spotlight on comics in India! The third Indian Comic-Con wrapped up a few weeks ago, and left a brand new comics industry in its wake!

Process: Jeffrey Brown’s Vader’s Little Princess


Following up on last year’s bestselling Vader and Son, Jeffrey Brown is back this April with Vader’s Little Princess a series of gags based on Vader as dad to little Leia, from toddler to teen. Art Director Steve Mockus has a process post on putting together the book’s cover; since it covered an age range the idea wasn’t immediately apparent.

Review: The Death of Superman


Nowadays we think of it as the pre-mullet era of Superman, but at the time The Death of Superman was an incredibly big idea for DC. A story which killed off their main signature hero was not only an eventual inevitability, but also an idea which would actually have some resonance for the company. Superman […]

iverse and Archaia team up


Archaia’s stellar line-up of fantasy, children and licensed comics—from Eisner Award-winning Mouse Guard and Return of the Dapper Men; fan-favorite series such as Rust, Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal, and Fraggle Rock; and new releases such as Cursed Pirate Girl and Iron: Or, the War After—will soon be available via iVerse’s Comics Plus app, starting in March.

Review – Revisiting the New 52 TPBs (Action Comics, Frankenstein, Hawkman, Justice League, OMAC, Suicide Squad)


Since they seem to have decent library penetration, I’ve been going through and reading the tpbs of some of the DC relaunches that didn’t grab me with the first issue.  Nothing has won me over, but some things are better than others. The Decent While it didn’t inspire me to go out and buy anything, Suicide […]

Green Lantern’s Indie Writers Movement


As reported earlier, DC Comics has announced their new lineup for the Green Lantern family of titles and they’re going for new blood.  Geoff Johns was the engine powering that franchise and three out of four writers aren’t just new to the Lanterns, they’re still relatively new to DC.  Here’s the line-up:

Steven Sanders launches Symbiosis on Kickstarter


Artist and designer Steven Sanders, curly of beard and intense of eyes, launched a Kickstarter yesterday for his new project Symbiosis. A massive 100+ page art book, Symbiosis is designed with the idea that people will be able to take the ideas and visuals created by Sanders and do whatever they want with them. They […]

New Green Lantern creative teams and new title announced


Recently it was announced that the landmark Geoff Johns 100+ issue Green Lantern era was over, and a whole new creative team wold be brought aboard the line. Well, the news is out, a new team of fearless creators has been announced—in brightest convention appearance, in blackest message board meltdown, no storyline will escape rewrites. In addition to the four existing books, a new one starring popular bad good guy Larfleeze has been added to the New 52 line-up. here’s the roll-call:

Poisoned Chalice Part 2: Marvelman Rises


Poisoned Chalice Part 2: Marvelman – The Miller Years I [Previous chapters: Introduction, 1: Prehistory] If American comics can be said to have begun with the publication of Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics in 1933, their British equivalent began half a century earlier with Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday, first published on May 3rd 1884. […]

CCI issues statement on registration tech glitch


The technical causes of the heartache and frustration experienced by those hoping to register for this year’s CCI: San Diego were enough for the CCI folks to issue the following statement:

Dave Sim plots new career path with art auction


When last we left Cerebus creator Dave Sim, he was contemplating a grim existence as his declining productivity and shrinking market place left him few recourses to make a living. Fortunately for all, he was saved from a life of dining on Fancy Feast by a Kickstarter campaign, the arrival of cover work from IDW and an agreement to publish a print version of the digital High Society, whatever that is. And now, as he discusses in a post at A MOMENT OF CEREBUS, he’s found a new way to make money: selling artwork.