MAD MENTAL CRAZY! The True Life of the Fabulous Zenith, Part 2

Mad Mental Crazy!

Last week I began my in-depth look at the history of Zenith and its attached legal dispute. As before I shall add my disclaimer: that this in no way speculates on who is right and who is wrong, and that it seeks only to bring you the facts, histories and quotes at my disposal – […]

Final hours to help Raven Gregory and family benefit auction

raven gregory

Jesse James Comics shop in Glendale, AZ is more than just a hub for up-and-coming indie Phoenix comic artist, enthusiastic cosplayers, eager fans, and established local professionals. It’s a family.

The Beat’s Timely On-Time Not Late ELCAF Report


Last weekend saw the second ELCAF take place in London, an indie comic festival which headlined with publishers Nobrow, SelfMadeHero, and Blank Slate. It was a popular event, drawing in a large crowd eager to see the latest self-published or small-press comics and graphic novels. Figuring that maybe there was something to this whole ‘independent […]

And finally….from Tumblr to the New Yorker


Jack Hunter’s sure-to-be-iconic cover for next week’s New Yorker hits so many notes…it’s what makes The New Yorker the New Yorker. But it was originally submitted via Tumblr for one of art director Francoise Mouly’s cover contests and had a different context. Still…it’s perfect for this moment. Enjoy the weekend with whomever you love, faithful […]

Nice art: Levon Jihanian’s if the X-men were real


As we go out for the weekend… Via

FILM REVIEW: CARTOON COLLEGE Gets Under the Skin of Making Comics


Representing comics production in popular culture has long been missing a piece of the puzzle. We’ve had excellent documentaries about ground-breaking creators like Will Eisner, characters like Wonder Woman, and even explorations of rising con-culture in the USA, but the least likely to receive attention, the mode of indie comics production right now, has come […]

Nice Art: Kazu Kibuishi’s cover for Prisoner of Azkaban revealed


The third in Kazu Kibuishi’s 15th anniversary edition covers for the Harry Potter series has just been released. Prisoner of Azkaban is the one where things really begin to heat up, and a personal favorite in both the book and film editions. Kibuishi chose to illustrate a seminal, dark moment from near the end of […]

Daily dose of awesome: John Allison’s Hulk comic, Smallville tribute

hulk (2)

When someone is comic-ly consistently excellent as John Allison is -and he truly is excellent, folks- updating his ScaryGoRound web-comics, Bad Machinery and more recently, Giant Days , 4 times a week (!)  with excellently written witty and sharp cartoons, it is easy, as readers, to slip into a state of take-it-for-granted-ness.

SDCC ’13 exclusive: Tony Millionaire covers Quantum and Woody for the CBLDF


You read that right. The offbeat Valiant buddy comedy is getting a variant cover for comic-con, by indie idol Tony Millionaire. Only 750 copies will be available at the CBLDF booth in San Diego: Valiant is proud to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) with the Quantum and Woody #1 Liberty Variant with a […]

Editorial: Why I won’t be watching Man of Steel


Okay, I’m prepped for ridicule. I know people say you can’t judge a film without having seen it, but if a trailer acts as an advertisement to entice viewers to pay to watch the full thing, I knew I wouldn’t be watching Man of Steel early on.

New issue of The Private Eye is out


Issue #3 of THE PRIVATE EYE, the webcomic by Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin, is now available. As before it’s in a pay what you want model. The SF story concerns a world where there is no internet and privacy issues allow people to wear masks. So far it’s been a thought-provoking tale. The […]

UPDATED: Ghost Rider trial set for November — jury not a sure thing


It’s on! Or it will be in November, when a POSSIBLE 8 person jury gets to decide if Gary Friedrich or Marvel own Ghost Rider: Eight jurors will decide this fall if Marvel actually owns the copyright to Ghost Rider or not. That was the order (read it here) issued today by a federal judge who […]

No Ordinary team up: Rob Williams and D’Israeli announce new title


An exciting new creator-owned comics is always a thing to celebrate, and this one  is certainly packing some talent, bringing together writer Rob Williams (Amazing Spiderman, Wolverine, Star Wars, 2000AD) and illustrator extraordinaire, D’Israeli- aka Matt Brooker (Stickleback, Leviathan, Scarlet Traces, 2000AD). Like me you, may be tired of yet another spin on the superhero […]

SDCC ’13: get ready to wander through the Ender’s Game mini-theme park


Each year at Comic-Con we wonder what will be the big display outside the Hilton Gaslamp? There’s a little grassy patch there and it’s near and dear to movie studio marketing teams. One year it was Chinese clay warriors. Last year it was Frankenweenie. This year, it will be Ender’s Game based on the Orson […]

This Weekend New York Gets the Wizard World Comic Con New York Experience


Comics events in the Big Apple have been gangbusters for the last few years, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to put on a show. Venues are small and expensive, transit is an issue and everyone wants to know, will I be able to see Norman Reedus? This weekend Wizard World returns to New York […]

Hollywood mystery: Who is trying to kill Pacific Rim?


You know those thrillers where you see a mysterious, black glove hand coming from behind a corner, putting ipecac or arsenic in people’s drinks? And not until the end of the movie do we know who was wearing the glove? Someone…or someTHING….is doing that right now with PACIFIC RIM, Guillermo del Toro’s giant robots vs […]