The Cover for Wimpy Kid #8: Hard Luck has been revealed


Tweet They are the rites of fall: kids buy new pencil cases, Jet Coach Rex Ryan says something stupid, turkeys look back on their life and sigh….and a new Wimpy Kid book by Jeff Kinney comes out. The eighth installment of the Wimpy Kid Saga—which is depending on how you look at it either the […]

The retail view: Crescent City Comics Leo McGovern on Villains Month allocation: “ridiculous”


Tweet by Leo McGovern, Crescent City Comics Greetings and salutations, Beat-readers! My name is Leo McGovern and I manage a comic shop in New Orleans, Louisiana called Crescent City Comics–next month we’ll celebrate our fourth anniversary in our current Uptown location (we were out of business for a few years following Hurricane Katrina), near Tulane […]

Marvel wins appeal in lawsuit brought by Jack Kirby’s heirs


Tweet Another chapter in the long battle over Marvel’s characters ended today when a three-person New York appeals court upheld Marvel’s victory in a lawsuit bought by Jack Kirby’s heirs over copyrights to iconic characters such as the Hulk and Captain America. The court ruled that Kirby’s work for Marvel had been done under work-for-hire conditions and that “Marvel’s […]

Convention mistakenly advertises X-men Creators reunion, apologizes


Tweet The other day I received an email from comics historian and artist Jim Amash on behalf of inker Terry Austin to alert people that a mailer sent out by retailer Joseph Koch wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The mailer, part of which you can see above, claimed that this Saturday at […]

MUST HAVE: Fletcher Hanks’ Stardust the Super Wizard gets an awesome figurine


Tweet If you are a fan of bizarre, pseudo-naive comics which actually reveal the terrors and struggles of our very subconscious in fantastic form—and who isn’t?—then you are already are wise to Fletcher Hanks, the obscure yet beloved cartoonist whose rare work was lauded in RAW magazine and collected in two books from Fantagraphics, I […]

DC’s Villains Month 3D covers to be allocated; retailers to be aggravated


Tweet This news has been buzzing around for a bit and was apparently a topic of some discussion at this weekend’s Boston Comic-Con, but now news releases and statements have been made. It’s a little complicated so we’re simplifying it a bit for non-merchants, but basically, DC has been heavily promoting their September Villains Month […]