Tonight to do: Dare to draw with Sienkiewicz, Reeder and Davis!


Yikes almost forgot I was doing this tonight! A panel with Bill Sienkiewicz, Amy Reeder Hadley and Shane Davis! With Special Guest Artists Amy Reeder and Shane Davis! Guest of Honor Bill Sienkiewicz! YES! Hosted by Liza Biggers and Simon Fraser! Heidi McDonald (Moderator). *NEW LOCATION FOR THIS “End-of-the-2013-Season Celebration” EVENT! The Art Directors Club […]

Will Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival ever expand?


As the ecstatic reports on last weekend Comic Arts Brooklyn festival continue to roll out—the Secret Acres report is, as always a stand-out-one element of the show is mentioned over and over. It was crowded. Having so many of the world’s great cartoonists in one place is sure to draw a crowd, and the free […]

Image announces THE REVENGER by Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill


Jonathan Ross is no fly by night nerdlebrity comics creator! He’s in it to win it! And Image has just announced his third title for them, THE REVENGER by Ross with art by Ian Churchill. The book goes on sale February 26. Deets below The more time you spend on the Hollywood B-list (or in […]

2014 Eisner judges announced: Bottarini, Foster, Liski, Oeth, Robb, and Romberger


The six individuals chosen to choose next year’s Will Eisner Award nominees have been selected and as usual it’s an eclectic mix of people, reflecting the diverse paths to comics that so many have now. The judges met at a super secret location in April to pick the nominees, with the winner announced, complete with […]

Facebook Demographics: Female Characters Beget Female Fans


Much has been made over this past week over Marvel‘s announcement about a new Ms. Marvel. The usual nutwings took to the internet to condemn Marvel’s plan to diversify its line of characters and present varied and new comics that might lead to new readers, or possibly more diversified readership. Hopefully, Marvel realizes that to […]

Comics have hit puberty…and it’s not pretty


For the last few weeks, a story has been going around, recounted by artist Tess Fowler, about how a comics pro seemed to be interested in her work, but when he asked her to come to his room, she declined, and he then said he had never been interested in her work, and disparaged her […]

Spotlight Cartoonist: Connie Sun “How I Decide Whether I Will Click”


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Will Sliney Profiles The Fearless Defenders: Ren Kimura


Fearless Defenders, the Marvel series from Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney, is drawing to a close. After twelve issues with the characters, next month’s issue will be the last. Which is sad – but it also gives us just enough time for Will to offer another character profile! We ran five of these back at […]