WTF–print not doomed after all???


As we just reported, Warner Bros. is getting rid of its magazine division like it was a shirt covered with rotten fish guts, but if this recent survey of 1400 people ages 16-24 revealed the shocking fact that 62% of them preferred printed books to e-books. Voxburner spokesman Luke Mitchell told the Guardian that the […]

At last – Ed Kramer’s trial begins NEXT WEEK!


Accused child molester Ed Kramer will go on trial next week after more than a decode of legal delays and stalling. More than a decade ago, Kramer was accused of molesting two teen-aged boys. In addition, Atlanta magazine has more details on Dragon-Con officially dissolving its relationship with co-founder Kramer: “‘DragonCon’s relationship with Mr. Kramer is […]

Time Warner gets the hell out of the print business—except for DC


Continuing the major media conglomerate’s purge of anything to do with print, Time Warner is ditching the Time part of its name:= and spinning off its magazine holdings. This will leave little old DC Entertainment its ONLY print division. And you wonder why they are moving to the West Coast? Time Warner plans to spin […]

RIP Al Plastino, the man who replaced both Kirby and Schulz


Golden age artist Al Plastino has died after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was 91. Plastino was best known as a Superman Artist—he was the last surviving Golden Age Superman artist, in fact. Among the characters he drew first: Supergirl, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy. He also co-created the Parasite and […]

Things to do today: Benefit for Stan and Sharon Sakai


As we’ve been reporting here for a while, Sharon Sakai, wife of Usagi Yojimbo cartoonist Stan Sakai has been undergoing a long, costly illness. Although they have insurance, it does not cover all the costs associated with her convalescence. And so: CAPS, the Cartoon Art Professional Society, has decided to provide whatever assistance we can, starting […]

INTERVIEW: Bill Willingham Brings Legenderry To Life


Coming in January this year, Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure will see writer Bill Willingham and artist Sergio Fernandez Davila take on a host of Dynamite’s most recognisable characters for a seven-issue re-imagining. Not only will the story have characters as diverse as Green Hornet, Vampirella, The Six Million Dollar Man and Red Sonja all in the […]

Special Beat Investigation: Comics Critics Crisis!!!


A few months ago there was a Kerfuffle over a comics which some indie comics enthusiasts thought was artistically exciting, while others couldn’t see that for all the racism in these comics. I wrote about it at the time, and wondered if indie comics—so lively and vibrant—were actually being given a larger social context.

On the Scene: Long Beach Comic and Horror Con 2013 gets bigger


by Pamela Auditore                 On its fifth anniversary, the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con continues to grow.  Phil Lawrence, LBCC founder and Sales Director, is emphatic,  “We beat last year’s attendance by a lot!” With an Artist Alley boasting between 250 – 300 Artists, Lawrence estimates attendance […]