Kickwatcher alert: Bob Burden’s Thrilling Visions Sketchbook #2 is really weird


Bob Burden’s crazed yet wise comics and art are truly sui generis. The creator of The Flaming Carrot and The Mystery Men was way ahead of his time with the goofy superhero thing. And now he’s back to Kickstarter with THRILLING VISIONS 2 Sketchbook which covers Flaming Carrot’s early years, with a Dave Stevens cover. […]

Artist of the Day: Elias Ericson

By Elias Ericson [link!]

You’ve perhaps seen some of Elias Ericson’s comics and illustrations already as they have a tendency to pop up, uncredited, on many an internet comment thread. Thanks to the wonders of google image search I spent much of today engrossed in his work, which I highly recommend!

Gal Godot cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman


The Fast and the Furious’s Gal Godot has been cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman. Okay, you can breathe now. After all the years of being tricky and problematic and spanking too many men, this is happening. “Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a […]

All New Marvel Now .Now books get free digital collections


We’ve lost track of just where Marvel is in their rolling reboot. We’ve had Marvel Now, All New Marvel Now and soon, no doubt, Marvel Now: Electric Bugaloo. There’s also All New Marvel Now .Now “Jumping on” issues. Hey anything to make it comprehensible. But anyway, the new All New Marvel Now rollout will include […]

More tales of Kicktrolling emerge—and why it’s destructive


art by Farel Dalrymple Yesterday we wrote about “kicktrolling”, or Kickstarter backers bidding at high amounts only to then withdraw the bids as the campaign seemed near completion. It’s a practice that seems purely mischief driven, but it also seems it is becoming more widespread. Chris Stevens and Andrew Carl of Locust Moon Comics in […]

31 Days of Winter Festivals: Ugly Pop Culture Christmas Sweaters


Is there such as thing as a “beautiful Christmas sweater?” Doubtful.

Top Shelf announces new books by Alan Moore and Liz Prince


Info on a couple of 2014 Top Shelf releases has been revealed. The Bojeffries Saga by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse is a comedy classic. I believe this collection has been in the works for a while (I have an older version of it sitting a few feet from where I’m typing) but an improved, […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 12/04/13: Cartoonists start fighting and you won’t believe what happens next!


Roiling tensions! Some sad, some silly.