Denys Cowan art that UPS lost may be at large


…or “lost” as the case may be. Last weekend there was a gala art show celebrating the history of Milestone Comics. To get ready for it, Michael Davis shipped a bunch of Denys Cowan original art to the Steve Geppi Entertainment Museum via UPS. The Scoop blog has the details. Although the package was VERY […]

Comic-Con announces first 20 guests for 2014


Speaking of anxiety dreams, Comic-Con International has announced the their first 20 guests. ta da! And they are: Amanda Conner, artist, Power Girl, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre Brian Crane, cartoonist, Pickles Eleanor Davis, cartoonist/illustrator, Stinky, How to Be Happy Jane Espenson, writer/producer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Husbands Raymond E. Feist, author, Riftwar Saga Drew Friedman, […]

Nice photos: Comic-Con International 2013 Photo Gallery


The San Diego Comic-Con’s official site has a nice picture gallery of the 2013 show up, that is sure to trigger flashbacks just like being there. I’d like to steal this Galactus photo for every SDCC story from here out.

SECONDS cover revealed


As we’ve been telling you, SECONDS, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s first graphic novel since Scott Pilgrim, is coming and yesterday the cover and some art was revealed. Could we be any more excited? No not really. SECONDS goes on sale in July.

31 days of winter festivals: SuperF*ckers Save Christmas


James Kochalka’s unspell-out-able in a family website superheroes are back in a special digital only release called: SuperF*ckers Save Christmas. YOu can purchase it on Comixology. Currently starring in a web series from Cartoon Hangover, (uncensored version here, censored here) The Superf*ckers always sink to every occasion, and Christmas is no exception. Kochalka writes: I’ve […]

Today is decision day for DC Entertainment


Today is the deadline for DC Entertainment employees to give their decisions on whether or not they are going to move west with the company in early 2015. While most folks have been tight-lipped about their decisions until now, it’s already obvious that the new DC is going to look very, very different and have […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 12/20/13: How to enter a bouncy house


Thanks for all the great emails yesterday, people. They are much appreciated. § MUST READ: More on Neil Cohn’s experiments in how comics are read. He actually put electrodes on people’s brains to figure this out. Cohn says any language has a “holy triumvirate” of elements: expressive form, grammar, and meaning. Comics, he argues, meet […]