Nice Art: Jillian Tamaki’s illustrations for Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas


The Folio Society is a UK company that specializes in lovingly produced, high end print versions of classic books. They are pricey—current editions are $74.99 each—but lovely objects for the well appointed home. They are also beautifully designed with new illustrations by skilled artists. Jillian Tamaki has a big year coming up with This One […]

Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman to Launch Cyclops Solo Series FEATURING HEPZIBAH


Marvel have announced, via the beaming presence of an interview feature with Albert Ching, that Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman will be the creative team for an ongoing Cyclops solo series. The book will start in May.

Hasen, Moldoff and Evans voted into Eisner Hall of Fame


The Will Eisner Comic Awards judges have selected three comics creators for automatic inclusion into the Hall of Fame and a slate of 14 nominees for voters to select from; four will be selected by voters from the ballot. Selected for the hall are: Irwin Hasen (The Flash, Wildcat, Green Lantern for DC; Dondi syndicated […]

ComiXwriter: Post-Kickstarter Development


_________ By Matt O’Keefe I recently wrote an article about five ways to format your comic script. One option, ComiXwriter, was crowdfunded in July and is expects to deliver the software to backers before summer. I spoke about its development with Glenn Farrington, who co-created ComiXwriter and ran the Kickstarter campaign. Is ComiXwriter still on schedule for a February […]

Ruth Redmond on Colouring, Comics, and Getting In With Marvel [Interview]


The Irish comics scene is one of the busiest in the world right now, and almost certainly one of the fastest growing. Spurred on by creators like PJ Holden and Declan Shalvey, more and more writers and artists are making a name for themselves in comics. And one of the newest of those is colourist […]

Vertigo’s Mark Doyle is named Batman Group Editor


Continuing DC’s editorial shuffle, it was revealed this week that Mark Doyle, formerly an editor at Vertigo, will replace Mike Marts as Batman Group Editor. Marts left DC to go to Marvel, so there was a big gap to fill. Doyle is credited with the lion’s share of discovering Scott Snyder, currently the top writer […]

Check out a preview of Jules Feiffer’s new GN Kill My Mother


The New Yorker previews one of the most anticipated books of the year, Jules Feiffer’s first original graphic novel in quite some time, Kill My Mother, As opposed to an autobiographical story, it’s an homage to Feiffer’s time with Will Eisner, a pulpy detective story full of twists and turns. Feiffer talks more about the […]

Wow Cool/Alternative Comics opens comics/book store in Cupertino


How crazy is Mark Arsenault? Crazy enough to open a NEWSSTAND that sells cools comics and magazines, books, ‘zines, vinyl and CDs. In other words it’s the kind of cool pop culture haunt that people of a certain age used to congregate in before Snapchat. It sounds like a delightful place, and from the pictures […]

A Review of Spider’s Pee-Paw #2: Pushing Towards a Sensory Overload


  Behind the bright, fluorescent palettes and at times overwhelming visual blitz of both familiar and obscured images, the anthology Spider’s Pee-Paw #2 takes a stab at staging a refreshing take on the rather jockey presence of Tumblr aesthetics, unabashedly moshing together pieces that explore the moments where visual and material culture interface. Edited by […]

Shang Chi is back in DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG-FU #1


Now that Miracleman is finally being reprinted, the holy grail of comics reprints would be the 70/80s run of Marvel’s MASTER OF KUNG FU, but don’t hold your breath. However, hero Shang Chi is back in May with DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG-FU, a four-issue limited series by Mike Benson (Deadpool Pulp) and Tan Eng Huat […]

Comics sales droop in January


January was the cruelest month for comics sales, as the ICv2 headline starkly puts it: Only One Comic Above 100K. The one book was Batman #27 which sold 115,492 copies, according to ICv2. The site noes, perhaps ominously, that the last time we had a month with only one book over 100K copies was August […]

Must read: David Harper on the diminishing role of the comics artist at the Big Two


It’s hard to believe in the era of Tumblr and Imgur and gifs and all that, but in comics artists seem to be getting the short end of the stick, at least in some places. David Harper takes a look at Comics and the Diminishing Role of Artists in a Visual Medium for Multiversity in […]

Five days of Valentines Day Cards: Snow White’s touchy situation


I’m sure no one ever had an impure thought about THIS vintage Disney Valentine, No sir! More here Do you have a Valentine set to spotlight in this feature? Tell The Beat!