DC to spend $250,000 on marketing Vertigo graphic novels this year


Or at least that’s what a a wraparound ad on this week’s Publishers Weekly states. (The ad in itself is a bold, pricey buy.) The books spotlighted for the campaign are FBP, Coffin Hill, Brother Lono, Trillum, The Wake, and Hinterkind. According to ad copy, there will be a $250,000 marketing campaign including ads in […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: December 2013


By Paul O’Brien

[Editor's Note: As noted this is Paul's last column for now. He's been an incredible collaborator and commentator, and I think we all owe him a big round of applause! And yes I know these are late -- we'll have the new guys in place VERY shortly! Thanks again, Paul.]

And so the end of an era is upon us. No, I do not speak of the latest cancellation of DEFENDERS, nor even of the final OZ miniseries. As Heidi explained a little while back, this will be my final sales column, after over a decade of writing these things. Good luck to whoever takes over for this; I’ll be reading with interest, and with a sense of relief that I didn’t have to do the number crunching.

So. One last time!

December sees a barrage of Inhumanity tie-ins, all building to the launch of the new series that’s since been delayed. We also have the start of ORIGIN II, and the first of the Marvel Now Wave 2 titles.

As per usual, Marvel had the largest share of the North American direct market, leading DC by 37% to 31% in unit terms, and 35% to 28% in dollars.

Thanks as always to ICV2.com for permission to use these figures.

12/13  Origin II #1 of 5 - 131,724

Books set in the past and with no direct impact on present day continuity generally seem to be a tough sell. But ORIGIN II is the top seller of the month, presumably because Marvel have successfully portrayed it as an event – in the sense of a book fans will be talking about.

Alex Segura Rejoins Archie Comics – as Publicist and as Editor


Archie have announced that Alex Segura has rejoined their company as Senior Vice-President for Publicity and Marketing… as well as in a new role as editor for the Red Circle line of superhero titles. He moves to Archie from DC Comics.

Toy Fair 2014 Part 1: Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, My Little Pony in a mustache and Play-Doh heat up Hasbro


  Yep, Toy Fair is here again and The Beat trekked over icy veldts to bring  our reads only the VERY FINEST artsy iPhone photos of all the cool stuff. NO LIe. I managed to take like 600 photos in two days…what was I thinking?   But I guarantee I got some news NO OTHER […]

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Gary Oldman told Ben McKenzie to read comics. Did he do it?


It’s getting so people who play various superhero roles must pass on the lore to younger versions of the roles. Thus when Gary Oldman—the essentialist Commissioner Jim Gordon of the Nolan Batman trilogy—was asked if he had any advice for Ben McKenzie, who will play younger Detective Gordon on the new TV show Gotham, he […]