RIP: Bill Baker


Over the weekend I was extremely saddened to read of the death of comics writer and historian Bill Baker. He was 55 years old. The cause of death was pneumonia; he died at home. Baker was a frequent convention buddy, and we’d gone back and forth about him contributing interviews to the Beat over the […]

Listen to the new dubstep Godzilla roar


This summer will see a new Godzilla movie reboot, directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Aaron Taylor Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen and so on. The trailer got everyone excited—as did a pre-ride at last summers’ Comic-Con—and an audio preview of Godzilla’s roar has just been released ad it’s…different. Although the familiar bass sting of […]

Tonight to do: G. Willow Wilson at Word, Jersey City


I’m extremely honored to be interviewing G. Willow Wilson at the Word bookstore in Jersey City tonight, talking about her award winning writing, including the new smash Ms. Marvel. G. Willow Wilson, author of the new Ms. Marvel comic set right here in Jersey City, will discuss comics, super heroes, and science fiction, as well […]

Frank Barbiere on Five Ghosts: “It’s About to Get Pretty Crazy” [Interview]


Buoyed by the success of the five arc of Five Ghosts, the ship-shape creative team of Frank Barbiere, Chris Mooneyham and Lauren Affe have been sailing forward these past few months on a wave of critical acclaim. Okay, sorry, no more ship puns. With the second arc of the much-loved Image series now underway, protagonist […]

La Greca and Denver Comic Con are going to meet to hash things out…


…and then perhaps enjoy a heart lunch. After last week’s kerfuffle over who is running the Denver Comic Con, and the use of the money raised by the the non-profit for their Comic Book Classroom program, there were some mini salvos, as reported in full by Kevin Melrose. An infographic was released by the con […]

ReedPOP officially unveils Special Edition: NYC


Details and first guests of Special Edition: NYC, ReedPOP’s new slimmer summer show have been revealed. Guests include Alex Maleev, Brian Wood, Charles Soule, Marguerite Bennett, Joe Harris and more to come. As we noted previously, this show is the same dates as two previously announced local shows. I hope that everyone will consider checking […]

Podcast Alert: Stuff Said reveals everything you need to know about Heidi MacDonald


I can’t believe I didn’t mention this before, but I recently guested on Gregg Schigiel’s podcast Stuff Said, and I have to say, this is, by far, the most in-depth interview I have EVER EVER done. Or probably ever will do. I talk about my ENTIRE career. Gregg really did his research on this, and […]

On Bill Mantlo, Rocket Raccoon and Guardians of the Galaxy


When the trailer for August’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie hit a week ago—and when the GotG toys were unveiled at Toy Fair last weekend—something that has been pretty clear to diehard comics fans was obvious from the gitgo:

Rocket Raccoon is going to be huge.

Constantine has been cast with Welsh actor Matt Ryan


Finally, the long national nightmare is over, and a British actor has been cast as John Constantine! Although I thought it would be one of the dead guys from Game of Thrones, it’s Matt Ryan, seen in Criminal Minds, The Tudors, Layer Cake and other reputable productions. Constantine is being readied as a TV show […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 2/24/14: Do not read the comments


§ Joe Illidge writes about the casting of the new Johnny Storm and other race related issues about comics and movies. And he makes a good point: Black people will have a projected buying power of 1.1 trillion dollars by next year. That’s what this is about. Not your nostalgia or prejudices or self-centeredness or […]