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And now, in more traditional comics marketing parlance, here’s the “trailer” for a new Robert Clementa GN bio, courtesy of Flog:

One of the books I’m most looking forward to in the next year is 21: The Roberto Clemente Story, a graphic novel biography of the great Puerto Rican slugger by Wilfred Santiago. I’m a huge baseball fan, and Wilfred looks like he’s gonna knock one out of the park with this one. Here’s a “trailer” for the book — our first, and be sure to check out the official website that Santiago has put together, it’s really sharp and almost certainly the nicest pre-pub book site we’ve ever been associated with.


  1. Great preview. I never would have expected a sports biography comic could look so cool.

  2. George Khoury says:

    It’s Roberto Clemente, Heidi. :)

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