24 Hours of Webcomics: The Ghost Engine

Just wrapped up by creators Danny Djeljosevic and Eric Z, The Ghost Engine is a funny, smart series told over the course of four chapters. Featuring great character work and especially zippy dialogue, the series is a buddy story following two people who have ghosts in their heads.

ge 24 Hours of Webcomics: The Ghost Engine

One of the main joys is watching just how massive Becky’s hair gets over the course of the story, as Eric Z shows off a brilliantly expressive style, which can capture very small moments on somebody’s face and tell a whole load of story not present in the dialogue. The creative team seem very well-matched in that sort of way, putting together a story which alternately shows off both the scripting and the art. It’s also very funny, whilst remaining focused on the storyline – which is high concept and fascinating for it.

ge2 24 Hours of Webcomics: The Ghost Engine

The story is complete now, and it tells a satisfying whole storyline. It also looks like the creative team will be reuniting for a new project next year, which I’m excited to see. For the moment though, head over to http://www.theghostengine.com, where you can read this story in its entirety.

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