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Ivan Brandon has an army of 58 Zombies, 42,000 Zombie points and is a Zombie God!

— via Facebook


  1. Phil Hester says:

    All true.

  2. Bring it on.

  3. I applaud you.
    I’m not a fan of the apps, or even Facebook itself,
    but I give credit where it’s due, and Brandon has won that respect.

  4. I cannot even fathom the time commitment required to obtain such high stats. My slayer is my most powerful critter at 6900, but I only play it one a week or so.

  5. that guy hasn’t been the same since he got back from south america. it’s all zombie this, zombie that.

    listen dude, i know you like brains–who doesn’t–but seriously, think about my needs for once.

  6. Half my notifications on Facebook concern Brandon and his zombie hordes. I’m just a Zombie Ninja, due to entirely no effort of my own.

  7. The Beat says:

    I’ve been informed that Ivan has killed his Zombie God, making him a God Killer in addition to a busy author.

  8. Dreamer says:

    hum hum.. it has been so many months since i last checked my vampire, wonder what he is doing around these days…

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