Anders Nilsen hits the West Coast with ‘Big Questions’

andersLEATHERDADDY Anders Nilsen hits the West Coast with Big Questions
The complete BIG QUESTIONS by Anders Nilsen is ure to be one of the books of the year, a 600+ page meditation on life and being 10 years in the making. Nilsen is hitting the West Coast part of his tour, and here’s the dates:

07/20 Family, LA
07/21-24 Comic-Con, San Diego
07/26 Needles and Pens, SF
07/27 Pegasus, Berkeley
07/29 Floating World, Portland
07/30 Fantagraphics, Seattle
07/31 Lucky’s, Vancouver


  1. jacob lyon goddard says:

    c,mon east coast dates!

    D&Q used to send all their people through Philly, not any more :(

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