Another wrestling/comics connection

Even though THE BEAT and her helper monkey have been talking about Chris Benoit’s brain, that’s not the wrestling talk we have for you today.

As everyone knows, there are a multitude of similarities between the two popular culture whipping boys: brightly-colored outfits, supersized muscles, and so on.

Today, we shine a line on one of our favorite wrestling companies, CHIKARA PRO, and their love of comics. You may have seen them references on MTV recently, talking about wrestling and video games (CHIKARA has a Nintendo-loving garppler on their crew called Player Uno).

CHIKARA’S DVD releases have, for the last couple years, been homages to famous comic book covers. You undoubtedly recognize the originals that inspired these discs.

 Another wrestling/comics connection

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 Another wrestling/comics connection
 Another wrestling/comics connection
 Another wrestling/comics connection

CHIKARA just released their second pod-per-view on Itunes today. For less than the price of one overly-expensive cup of Mocha Frappo coffee, you can check out this crew of wacky Americanized Luchadors, include Los Ice Creams, as well as two of the country’s toughest female grapplers, Daizee Haize and Sara Del Ray.

Also, we’ll have an ashcan edition of our magazine at the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend reprint our articles about CHIKARA, as well as a trip a few weeks ago to see the WWE minor league wrestling promotions, Ohio Valley Wrestling and Derby City Wrestling, in Louisville.

— Posted by Mark Coale


  1. CHIKARA is a big favorite of my blogging buddy Gavin. He’s done a number of articles over on 4thletter! about them. They’re here, if you’re interested.


  3. Chikara’s “Cibernetico Forever” (2006) is on my DVD shelf right now. My friends and I have enjoyed watching it several times. The cover of it is an homage to Justice League (bwahaha era) #1. Ultramantis Black is awesome.

  4. I haven’t paid hardly any attention to pro wrestling since the 80’s but this, Lucha Va Voom and Kaiju Big Battle are just nuts enough to bring me back into the fold. Good looking out, Los Beatific!

  5. The founder (Mike) is a definite comic geek and is from our hometown. Good to see Chikara getting coverage!

  6. Henrik J says:

    Chikara is one of my favorite Indy Wrestling companies, glad to see their comicbook homages getting some love

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