SDCC ’13: DC Entertainment and Kia Motors Press Conference


Tweet Last year DC Entertainment launched the non-profit charity “We Can Be Heroes” and devoted 2012 to raising awareness for the cause, and this year they have raised $285,000 through crowd funding and various events for the charity. A press conference to talk about the campaign was located across the street from the convention in […]

Marvel is free from paying web shooter toy inventor royalties


Tweet Chalk up another legal win for Marvel Enterprises. Tuesday, the 9th Circuit Courts of Appeals ruled that Marvel no longer has to pay Tucson attorney Stephen Kimble—inventor of the Spider-Man web shooters—royalties after 2010.

“Hawkeye” Pizza Dog shirts to benefit Futures Without Violence


Tweet Hawkeye is becoming Matt Fraction’s pivotal Marvel work. The series is consistently grabbing new readers month after month and contending in five Eisner categories this year. Since the comic broke ground it has served as an agent for raising awareness in helping people, and Pizza Dog.

Why Nicola Scott’s Batman statue matters


TweetCan you name your top five female Batman artists? Yesterday DC solicited four new statues and one figure for January 2014. Among that list is Nicola Scott’s Batman Black and White Earth 2 statue design.

SDCC ’13: Friday Program Schedule


TweetThe official website published the current Friday programs. Here’s what you can expect.

SDCC ’13: Thursday Program Schedule

comic con links

Tweet The official Comic-Con website posted the Thursday programing schedule.

Final hours to help Raven Gregory and family benefit auction

raven gregory

TweetJesse James Comics shop in Glendale, AZ is more than just a hub for up-and-coming indie Phoenix comic artist, enthusiastic cosplayers, eager fans, and established local professionals. It’s a family.

Top 5 Marvel roles for Vin Diesel


TweetMarvel Studios has summoned Vin Diesel for a meeting, but nobody knows why. I do, or at least I think so. The media asked Vinny on his Facebook for an explanation to this meeting and he answered with, “haha, you probably know better than me.”

Joe Pruett hospitalized for possible stroke — UPDATE

joe pr

TweetValerie Pruett Smith shared on Facebook that Joe Pruett has suffered a possible stroke.

San Diego Comic-Con 31 years ago


Tweet Prepare to feel old, beatniks. While scrolling through my Facebook feed I stumbled upon Alan Light’s Flickr gallery.

Man of Steel soars to $200M Worldwide


Tweet“Man of Steel” sets a record for the biggest opening in June, ever. The reboot made $12 million on Thursday (thanks to the Walmart advance screening), $113.1M domestic, and $25M at foreign theaters totaling to $151M. The PG-13 film screened in 4,207 theaters including 331 IMAX screens. Warner united with 98 promotional partners spending $170M […]

DIGITAL REVIEW: Gabriel Hardman’s Kinski 1 & 2


Tweet I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I purchased this digital comic, but I’m a sucker for dogs and Monkey Brain comics haven’t let me down yet. Gabriel Hardman’s Kinski is simple, yet elegant, with a twist of mystery and so much potential. The story is centered around Joe who works for a […]

REVIEW: Dan the Unharmable


TweetThere are comics that I can’t wait to read every month, and I become a moppy-pathetic mess when one of those books gets cancelled for whatever reason. May’s book was: Dan the Unharmable. I should have wrote this review a year ago, but here goes nothing. This is a complete semi-spoiler free review of the entire 12 […]

On the scene: Phoenix Comicon 2013


TweetPhoenix Comicon didn’t look anything like it did last year.

24 Hours of Webcomics: Red Meat


Tweet There are only two newspapers in Tucson, which is surprising for a place with a population of a million people. Ever since I was old enough to read I picked up the alternative paper – the Tucson Weekly – and skipped all the way to the back just to read my favorite comic strip, Red […]

24 Hours of Webcomics: David Fitzsimmons


Tweet Some of my most fondest memories were spending time at my great grandmother’s house during the brutal Tucson summers. My mother would wake my sister and I at the crack of dawn to drive us to my Nana’s house. We had a morning routine that included drinking dark roasted coffee, and scrambled eggs with […]