Who’s Reviving The Gold Key Heroes?


A little mystery surfaced during the Valiant panel at C2E2.  A fan talked about his love for the original Valiant’s Solar (an excellent comic, by the by) and wondered if those old Gold Key heroes might be returning to the new Valiant.  Fred Pierce started out with a slightly political answer, that he thought that […]

C2E2: Marvel: From NOW! To Infinity — Avengers Arena Ends ‘Season One'; Charles Soule takes over Thunderbolts


Steve here again! Charles Soule joined the Thunderbolts, many future storylines were teased, Stefano Caselli got a new gig, and some big news was announced about the future of Avengers Arena, all at the ‘From NOW! To Infinity’ panel at C2E2.

C2E2 Liveblogging Dark Horse Spring Fever


C2E2 is on this weekend and we’re liveblogging the Dark Horse panel.  Get ready to start hitting refresh. Scott Allie is on the stage and talking about a horror line New Orleans is a Werewolf Town Alexi DiCampi doing a grindhouse horror title. David Lapham on Del Toro’s Strain comic – second arc Steve Niles […]



It’s C2E2 and we’re liveblogging the Valiant panel. Get ready to hit refresh. (And we’ve got plenty of art at the bottom for you to looks at.) Our cast: Atom Freeman, Robert Venditti, Clayton Henry, Fred Pierce, Hunter Gorinson and The CEO. Planet Death will be resolving several initial storylines in the next couple of […]

C2E2: Liveblogging Batman/Superman 101


It’s day 2 of C2E2 and we’re liveblogging the “Batman/Superman 101″ panel.  (And to think, it used to be a Superman/Batman world… I guess the pecking order has changed.)  Get ready to start hitting reload. Our cast: Jimmy Palmiotti, Bob Harras, Chris Burnham, James Tynion, The Layman and Kenneth Rocafort.

C2E2: Superior Spider-Man – The Return of Spider-Man 2099


Marvel was showing off a few covers at the Superior Spider-Man panel and… is that… the Spider-Man of 2099 Why yes, yes it is. Miguel will be returning to Marvel comics in issue #17 of Superior Spider-Man, heralding in the start of a new story arc which seems to be bringing in members of the […]

C2E2 – The Age of Ultron Panel


            At the Age of Ultron panel, Marvel was showing off a few covers: Age of Ultron 7   Age of Ultron 7   Age of Ultron 8   Fearless Defenders 4   Uncanny Avengers   Age of Ultron 10 AI   Age of Ultron 9   Age of Ultron […]

C2E2: Liveblogging DREDD and Beyond: The Whole Wide World of 2000 AD


C2E2 has invaded Chicago and we’re liveblogging the DREDD and Beyond: The Whole Wide World of 2000 AD, so get ready to hit reload. Our cast of characters include Andy Diggle , Michael Carroll , Paul Cornell and some noob named Heidi MacDonald. Q: What do Americans know about Dredd. Heidi: I was surprised it only went […]

C2E2 – Liveblogging “Making Comics the Avatar Way” (New Garth Ennis Projects)


C2E2 has invaded Chicago and we’re liveblogging the “Making Comics the Avatar Way” panel, which should be kicking off momentarily.  Get ready to start hitting reload. Jim Kuhoric looks to be doing this solo. They start from the point of what the other publishers won’t let the creators do. It’s not all extreme, but that’s […]

C2E2 – Liveblogging the DC COMICS 101 Panel.


It’s C2E2.  Get ready to hit refresh. Our Cast: Bob Harras, Bobbi Chase John Cunningham and our man Fletcher. Man of Steel is coming out soon and they’re showing a trailer for it. Harras says his favorite Superman villain is Brainiac.  Harras has love for Jor-El, who was in the first comic he read. Chase’s […]

Review: Dial H Vol. 1: Into You

Dial H V1

One of the later additions to DC’s New 52 reboot was a new version of Dial H For Hero, this time shortened to just Dial H.  The revamped version is a vehicle for China Mieville, a bestselling British author who’s generally put in the science fiction category, but tends to be a real genre-bender specializing in […]

The Owl Signals The Return of Project Superpowers


After roughly a three year absence, Dynamite is returning to the Project Superpowers universe with the July debut of The Owl.  The title will be written by J.T. Krul, currently writing Superman Beyond for DC and Jirni for Aspen.  Heubert Khan Michael, recently drawing Vampirella, will be the artist.

DC Fires Entire Writing Staff – Editorial Takes Over


Burbank, CA (AF) – DC Comics has voided the contracts of all it’s writers today.  The not entirely unanticipated move signals a more formal policy towards editorially directed stories. “Jerry Krause was right,” said DC co-publisher Dan DiDio, quoting the General Manager credited with breaking up the Michael Jordan era Chicago Bulls.  “Players don’t win […]

Review – Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray

five ghosts

Every now and again there’s a buzz book that lives up to the hype.  When I first the announcements for Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray, my initial thought was that it was a rehash of Cowboy Ninja Viking, an Image book from 2-3 years ago with a similar premise of a man who could channel […]

“Come with me if you want to live, John Stewart”: Your Morning Superman and Green Lantern Controversy Links

Action 20

It’s been an… eventful couple of days around DC’s HQs. There’s a little more information slipping out around the Superman and Green Lantern franchises. First off, Tony Daniel clarified a few things about the Action Comics run he’s drawing and taking over plotting duties on, over at his Facebook page: Yes, many have heard, Andy Diggle left […]

Gaiman Returns To Marvel With Angela (Formerly of Spawn)


I think we can finally throw some dirt on the coffin of the Neil Gaiman – Todd McFarlane lawsuit.  The New York Times has announced that Gaiman’s Angela character (created for Spawn with Todd McFarlane, back in 1992), one of the objects of dispute, has moved over to Marvel.  Nothing says “the legal battle is over” like […]