“Come with me if you want to live, John Stewart”: Your Morning Superman and Green Lantern Controversy Links

Action 20

It’s been an… eventful couple of days around DC’s HQs. There’s a little more information slipping out around the Superman and Green Lantern franchises. First off, Tony Daniel clarified a few things about the Action Comics run he’s drawing and taking over plotting duties on, over at his Facebook page: Yes, many have heard, Andy Diggle left […]

Gaiman Returns To Marvel With Angela (Formerly of Spawn)


I think we can finally throw some dirt on the coffin of the Neil Gaiman – Todd McFarlane lawsuit.  The New York Times has announced that Gaiman’s Angela character (created for Spawn with Todd McFarlane, back in 1992), one of the objects of dispute, has moved over to Marvel.  Nothing says “the legal battle is over” like […]

Is DC Prepping To Kill Off John Stewart?


It’s a modern comic book cliche.  Need sales?  Kill off a character.  Preferably a big enough character than it can make all the newspapers and media websites.  You don’t always see that much of a sales bump long term, but you sell a huge amount of the death issue and then you can announce the […]

The New Green Lantern Writers Are Revealed, Plus Fialkov’s Explanation.


Consider it official, Joshua Fialkov is definitely off his Green Lantern books.  DC’s Alex Segura has tweeted the new writers.

Fialkov Leaving Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns


It seems like a good day for announcements about leaving DC titles.  First news breaks that Andy Diggle has left Action Comics.   There are now two reports that Joshua Fialkov has left Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns.

Review – Constantine #1, This Is Not Your Father’s Hellblazer


A preview for Constantine #1 was widely circulated last month and the reaction around these parts was somewhat less than enthusiastic.  IIRC, someone in the comment section renamed it “Heckblazer.”  I’ve read the full issue and it’s not as bad as the initial impression, but it really isn’t Hellblazer, either.

Andy Diggle Off Action Comics – One and Done

Action 19

Andy Diggle has left Action Comics.  His first issue was #19.  The whispers I’m hearing from high places are that Tony Daniel will be taking over as writer (in addition to artist) with issue #20.

Andy Diggle’s Dynamite Crime Project Unveiled as “Uncanny”


Dynamite has announced the second tile in its new “Crime Line.”  Uncanny will be the new title from Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell, concerning a shady character who can borrow people’s skills running into an international conspiracy.  Which is to say something along the lines of a thriller with a slight touch of superhuman activity […]

Lazarus Preview (Rucka/Lark At Image)


You might have heard that Greg Rucka and Michael Lark have a comic coming out from Image.  It’s called Lazarus and it’s coming out in June.   Rucka and Lark previous teamed up on the Eisner winning Gotham Central, so seeing them back together is like a fine vintage port.  

Review – Revisiting the New 52 TPBs Part 2 (Animal Man, Captain Atom, DCU Presents, Swamp Thing)


The local library consortium got a whole bunch of New 52 Vol. 1’s, so I’m going through and catching up on a few things I opted not pick up as monthlies.  This batch consists of the first volumes of Animal Man, Captain Atom, DCU Presents and Swamp Thing.

Ten Grand (JMS/Templesmith) Preview Art


J. Michael Straczynski has had a strange ride in comics over the last few years.  The Twelve, which finally wrapped up last year, was highly regarded by critics.  Superman walking across the country… not so much.  When JMS first started doing comics on a regular basis (he’d dabbled a bit here and there, earlier), it was […]

February Sales Estimates – Marvel NOW Finds Minor Stability


The February sales estimates are in over at The Comics Chronicles and what a strange February it was. DC papered over a decaying mess at the bottom of their New 52 chart with a whopping 307K for Justice League of America #1 and its state flag variant cover stunt.  Variants are still the flavor of week.  Marvel’s […]

The New 52 No More (And So Much For the Line at $2.99)


When DC relaunched a year and a half ago, it was “The New 52″ and it was emphasized that there were going to be 52 new titles for you to read.  DC’s had “52” on the brain for several years now.  The 52 weekly series culminating in 52 new worlds.  (Are there still 52 worlds post-Flashpoint?) […]

Marvel’s SXSW Blitz In Context


Marvel made the media rounds at SXSW yesterday and most of the announcements were for things off in the future.  SXSW is fast becoming Marvel’s mainstream outreach equivalent of SDCC.  That’s right.  SXSW isn’t really about the Direct Market comics fan.  It’s about getting Marvel’s name and their *digital* offerings in the mind set of […]

Calling BS On Marvel Unlimited


While promoting the new Marvel Unlimited App over at Gizmodo, Marvel’s Peter Phillips indicated that Marvel was updating most of his major titles when they were six months old: The comics available through MU are all at least six months old, and while Marvel wouldn’t commit to every title making it into the service, SVP […]

Marvel Rebrands (Digital) DCU as “Marvel Unlimited,” Tweaks Offering


Marvel’s library subscription program used to be called Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited A.K.A. Marvel DCU – an in-joke at DC’s expense that likely flew over the head of anyone who didn’t go to the comic shop on a regular basis.  Marvel’s rebranding it and tweaking it a bit.  They’re also talking about it ahead of […]