FCBD 2104: Read It or Leave It? Part Three

fcbd 2014 showa

TweetAnd here are the final 24 (of 60) Free Comic Book Day titles!

FCBD 2014: Read It or Leave It? Part Two

fcbd 2014 hip hop

TweetThe first half of the 2014 Silver Books (45 48 titles)! Some were a bit hard to score (thanks to JHU Comics for offering ALL 60 titles!  Four comics per customer.), but we preserved, trekking all over midtown!

FCBD 2014: Read It or Leave It? Part One


TweetYes, there are 60 comics being offered this Saturday!  (Collect them all!)  Some of them are from well-known publishers and characters, others are a bit obscure. Since most stores limit how many comics you can grab, I’ve compiled a list in three parts, with simple reviews.  Here’s the first, featuring the Gold sponsors, which are […]

FCBD 2014: What to Grab!

fcbd14 disney

TweetYou’ve been standing in line, wishing you had something to read! You’ve finally reached the comics Santa and are flabbergasted at the cornucopia of comics being offered for FREE! Listen little boy, we have A LOT of people waiting here, so GET GOING! What do you say? Which do you pick? How do you keep […]

C2E2014: ReedPOP Staff Confabs With Audience at Talk Back


TweetAs is the tradition at many conventions, the show organizers sit down in front of a crowd, and listen to comments from attendees.  Reed POP schedules this panel at the end of each show, and the post-mortem/feeding frenzy occurred Sunday at 4 PM.  In attendance: Mike Armstrong, event & sales director Brian Stephenson, brand marketing […]

C2E2014: Day Two: Saturday

leaning girl

TweetSo my goal today, after a scant five hours of sleep, was to stroll Artist Alley and find some cool stuff. Oh, and attend Jimmy Palmiotti’s panel.  More on that below…

C2E2014: Day One: Wait… It’s Only Friday‽


TweetOh man… I need to start cross-training before doing a show like this!  It will wear you down!  But I will soldier on!  For COMICS!  (One second while I play the Tom Joad monologue for inspiration….  ahh…)

C2E2014: “I’m Batman” Pop Quiz!


TweetOh no!  Batman’s dastardly diabolical villains have stolen the creator credits from DC’s Batman75 standee display at C2E2 in Chicago! Can you identify the creator(s) who created each iconic portrait of the Caped Crusader before the show closes on Sunday, guaranteeing each gets the credit they deserve for making Batman such an iconic figure for […]

C2E2014: Where Everything Is

mccormick south

TweetC2E2′s on once again, and this year, it’s being held in the South Hall.  (Oh, how I await the day when it takes up the entire complex!  2.6 MILLION sq.ft. of exhibit space!  60 acres! 45 football fields!  Can you imagine the programming going on all over the building?  The theater?  The ballrooms?) *ahem*  Sorry… […]

C2E2014: Day Zero


Tweet Torsten’s Tip:  If you are taking public transportation to LaGuardia Airport, hop on the 7 train express to Roosevelt.  Then grab the Q70 bus.  It has only three stops (airport, subway, transit center), and takes the expressway to the airport.  Since I live in Bushwick, and there’s no easy north-south connector, I took the […]

C2E2014: How To Get Around


TweetThe Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2, is set to begin Friday! If you’ll be attending, here are some helpful hints on how to make your way to the South Building of McCormick Place!

Asbury Park Comicon 2014: My Highlights


TweetJust some quick thoughts on last weekend’s Asbury Park Comicon…

31 Days of Arbor Day! : We Go Nuts!


TweetNot a hoax! Not an imaginary story! Not a hack by Anonymous!

31 Days of Arbor Day!: The Seed Is Planted!


Tweet(Yes, the Outhousers were correct…) Valentines and St. Patrick’s Days are in the middle of the month, so don’t work too well for “30 Days”.  We could do 40 days of Lent, but it only gets good the last week or so.  So, to fill the void between Christmas and summer con season, we introduce… […]

New Comic Shop Day: Thirty-Eight Year Old Comics Shop Reopens One Month After Devastating Fire

Main stock bins installed March 12.

TweetAs we reported a month ago, the Dragon’s Lair in Omaha, Nebraska, had occupied the same building since 1976, until a recent fire elsewhere in the building caused extensive smoke and water damage to the store. Since then, the store has relocated five blocks west, to 2227 N. 91st Plaza on Blondo, and will reopen today […]

C2E2 News! Professional Registration Closes Friday! Show Floor Planner is LIVE!


Tweet Are you a comics professional? (Comic Retailers, Toy Retailers, Librarians, Educators and Professional Creators (Professional Creator category includes Professional writers, pencilers, inkers, colorists, letterers and animators); Licensors, Non-Editorial Media, Advertising and PR Professionals, Publishing Professionals, Producers, Writers and Game Developers) Plan on attending the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2 to its friends) next April? […]