SDCC’13: Wonder Women: On Paper and Off


Tweet From 1983 until 1997, Mary Mashcal assembled an extensive collection of memorabilia and aritifacts, filling virtually every room of her Golden Hill home with historic documents, banners, posters, and books. Her collection eventually became the Women’s Museum of California, located in the former Naval Training Center in Point Loma, San Diego.  This summer, another […]

SDCC ’13: Watchtower Wednesday

bat f-150

TweetIt’s early.  The three-ring circus and sideshow doesn’t begin until later this evening, but there is already stuff happening on the web.  Here are a few choice tidbits from yesterday and today, scoured by yours truly, from the air conditioned comfort of the Manhattan offices of The Beat:

A Lazy Comics Summer Weekend


TweetMany decades ago, I would wander far and wide to get my comics. Sometimes it was a magazine rack at a small town grocery store. Othertimes, a spinner rack at a newsstand or bookstore. Later, an actual comics shop.  (Yes, uphill both ways, but with a convenience store halfway with a soda fountain!) This weekend, […]

Are Comics Sales Better? They Are For IDW!

"Money Pony" by Dan Allen

TweetThere has been much talk about “corporate comics”, and the ongoing migration of notable talent deciding to explore creator-owned options. Of course, almost all comics companies are corporations; it’s a nice legal framework which protects people from bad business decisions. Some of these corporations are quite public, especially those which issue stock.  I remembered that […]

Who Would Win? Star Trek vs. The Empire

Enterprise vs Star Destroyer

Tweet Last week, I came across this image on Google Plus, and a lengthy (200+, multiple days) discussion ensued.   Who would win?  The USS Enterprise, or an Imperial Star Destroyer? Well, in the sake of universal peace among two very disparate yet similar geek tribes (or possibly a flame war for the ages), I will […]

Book Con! Cool Books I Discovered at the Library Conference!


TweetTwice a year, the American Library Association holds a conference.  Awards are given, training is taught, and much fun is had.  (A lot of the nerdy kids from high school become the cool adults in libraries.) Like comic book conventions, the centerpiece of the show is the exhibits hall.  ALA hosts about 18,000 attendees during […]

Book Con!: Librarians Celebrate Geeky Fun in Chicago! [updated]


TweetEvery summer, thousands of librarians congregate at the American Library Association’s annual conference.  All sorts of topics are discussed, presented, and taught, and, believe it or not, librarians love books with a geeky passion!  There is something for everyone, and as the geek diaspora filters into libraries, libraries are becoming more than just a place […]

May The Fourth Be With You!

vader USA

TweetPics from the Vader Project.. For some reason, the Brits do not celebrate the Fourth of July (or the Third of September), so our London office is on watchtower duty while we party hard here in the States (and recharge our batteries in preparation for San Diego).

Book-Con! Lots of Great New Graphic Novels at Book Expo America!


Tweet Book Expo America happens every year, and I take time off from work to wander Javits to see what’s new and interesting (this year’s Zeitgeist: mustaches).

Congratulations to Parker and Meghan Adair on their successful wedding!

meghan and parker

Tweet Parker Adair was a guest columnist here last year, covering C2E2 as a first-time convention-goer.  This year, the planned nuptials prevented a return visit, but instead, they celebrated their union on Free Comic Book Day.  (Easy for me to remember!) Yes, the couple are bonafide geeks, as was proven when the wedding party made a stop […]

What You Should Read, What You Should Leave, During Free Comic Book Day, Part Three


TweetAnd here’s the last of the Free Comic Book Day titles for 2013! Hard to believe the first FCBD in 2002 had only four titles! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— KELLERMAN L’AMOUR SAMPLER Publisher: RANDOM HOUSE (W) Jonathan Kellerman & Various (A) Tom Yeates, Michael Gaydos Kellerman / L’Amour features thrilling excerpts from 2 of the Random House Publishing Group’s […]

What You Should Read, What You Should Leave, During Free Comic Book Day, Part Two


Tweet52 titles.  Hundreds of fans and curious onlookers.  A plethora of four-color enjoyment. What to grab, what to leave left behind this Free Comic Book Day 2013?  And what extra titles should you grab for those who are fans of movie and television properties, but didn’t realize there were new stories being published in comics? […]

What You Should Read, What You Should Leave, During Free Comic Book Day, Part One

SB_Page Template

TweetYes, there are 52 comics being offered this Saturday!  (Collect them all!)  Some of them are from well-known publishers and characters, others are a bit obscure. Since most stores limit how many comics you can grab, I’ve compiled a list in three parts, with simple reviews.  Here’s the first, featuring the Gold sponsors, which are […]

The Ten Best Free Comic Book Day Comics You Need To Read This Saturday


TweetThis year, publishers have distributed fifty-two titles for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday. While it is not uncommon for many comics shops to order all of the titles, it is becoming common that most comics shops anticipate large crowds of customers.  While this is a good thing, it means that the stores must limit the […]

March Mayhem at Stately Beat Manor!


TweetOnce again, it’s that time of year again!  Sports geeks speculate who will make the Big Dance, who got snubbed, and who will be the Cinderella Team this year.  Billions of dollars are wagered on the outcomes, as casual fans contemplate the 68 teams and fill out numerous brackets. It’s not uncommon among comics fans […]

The Beat’s Annual Guide to Winning the Oscar® Pool: Best Animated Shorts 2013

jones oscar

TweetSo, once again, Hollywood confabulates and celebrates the best of motion picture arts and sciences tonight, at the 85th Academy Awards.  Among the many awards will be two showcasing the best in animation: Animated Feature Film and Short Film Animated.  Many people have seen the feature films (or had a chance to…dunno how many actually […]