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britneyMain 450863a B****** S***** the cartoon
Oh God.

Some days it is hard to get out of bed. This is why.

PS: Not to get all serious, but as ICv2 points out, Britney adapting an anime cartoon style is an attempt to ally herself with something cool and up-to-date…not the other way around.


  1. Throw in some writing by D.J. Milky, and those future Britney manga will be just STAYIN’ on the shelves!

  2. Torsten Adair says:

    Hmmm. If she is a cartoon character, then she could be buckeat to cartoon violence? I know cartoon animals have a more violent level, and cartoons of celebrities are more realistic, but it is fun to contemplate. Britney And Scratchy?
    News like this makes me get out of bed faster, as I rush to empty my stomach.

  3. Mark Coale says:

    How soon before Animated Britney makes some tentacle porn?

  4. Aaliyah did it years ago.


  5. Brian Spence says:

    Ugh, this just made me realize that we have the same initials. Whenever people ask me to initial something, I throw in my middle initial. EVERY TIME I use my initials, someone brings up, “Hey, your initials are B! S!”

  6. i fully believe that britney will actually turn into a cartoon soon enough. it makes more sense than most of what happened with her the past year.

  7. Torsten Adair says:

    Anime is the closest realistic cartoon style this side of CGI. All music videos are recorded first, then dubbed, just like cartoons.
    This could be a shrewd move… she controls how she looks, what she does, and what she says. Animation gives her unlimited wardrobe, locations, and effects for a small budget, and she herself does not require makeup or wardrobe when recording.
    This has been done before, with the Gorillaz, Art Of Noise, The Replacements… And on Saturday Morning with the Beatles, The Jackson 5, MC Hammer…

  8. Mark Coale says:

    The minds reels at a Britney Saturday morning cartoon. Maybe she could team up with the Funky Phantom or the Chan Clan or Wheelie and the Chooper Bunch.

  9. “The minds reels at a Britney Saturday morning cartoon. Maybe she could team up with the Funky Phantom or the Chan Clan or Wheelie and the Chooper Bunch.”

    I think she’d fit in better with the Hillbilly Bears.

  10. michael says:

    no way this project lasts under the control of the ‘out of control’ Brittney. She may sing, but that’s about it.

    It’s gonna be weird looking at the real her and the animated her and being like, ‘ummm, yeah, that’s not even close’.

  11. Does the anime character run down to the 7/11 in Beverly Hills at 2am to get a Slurpee?

    Will she shave her head an become a gun-toting assassin for hire?

    Britney v. Osama – the anime you have to see!

  12. britney spears, stay the frick outta my anime!

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