Grant Morrison, MBE


Grant Morrison models his Member of the British Empire medal which he was just presented with. And no, you cannot call him Sir Grant, as that honorific only comes with the two highest orders of the British empire.

NYCC in audio with Morrison, Ennis, etc.


Jamie Coville recording a bunch of panels from New York Comic Con and here they are for you listening pleasure: New York Comic Con 2012 (October 11 – 14) – 126 Photos

On the Scene: NYCC 2012 Day Three: Morrison, Vaughn, Hickman Talk Shop in “The Writer’s Room”


The atmosphere waiting in line for “The Writer’s Room” panel was highly charged. Any one of these comics writers garners a massive following, but putting them together was like some kind of nexus of writing mystique. All the better if you happened to be a fan of all three, like many practically jumping up and […]

The One Time Bill Finger Stood Up to Bob Kane and Whether Batman and Robin Are Gay

bill finger book

Marc Tyler Nobleman wrote Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman, which came out a couple months back.  The book is about Bill Finger, who was responsible for an awful lot of the Batman mythology, even though Batman (co-)creator Bob Kane was the only officially recognized creator.  This is why they named the Bill Finger […]

On the Scene: MorrisonCon—how life changing was it?


That’s a lot to promise. When mold-breaking comics retailers James Sime and Kirsten Baldock united with iFanboy podcast host Ron Richards to put together a show—“all magick, no science” as Sime repeated over the weekend—their goal was to dismantle the current model of comic book conventions and build something new in its place.

MorrisonCon revelations: Wenlock and Mandeville are Archons


Apparently Jon Sung, aka Flickr’s Ferocious J, had uncovered that the London Olympics mascots were actually the villains from Grant Morrison’s Invisibles several years ago, but it took until MorrisonCon for the world to find out. On that basis alone, the show was a success. While our MorrisonCon correspondents are sleeping off their opium binges, […]

Advance Review: Happy #1

happy1 web 588x1024 Advance Review: Happy #1

By Steve Morris Happy marks the first creator-owned story from Grant Morrison in a while, with the writer busy reworking Batman and Superman over the past few years. A miniseries for Image, the book sees Morrison collaborating with Darick Robertson for a crime serial set at Christmas. And based on the first issue, this feels […]

'Happy' Grant Morrison leaving behind superheroes in 2013


Finally! After spending a decade scratching all his superhero itches—and after being quoted in an actual Superman trailer—superstar writer Grant Morrison is finally moving on a bit, he told CBR:

Miscellaneous Linkage: Weekend Edition


Some random linkage via Google News. Bronies, professors, movie critics, Grant Morrison, CCI:SD, and otaku and jocks coexisting peacefully in Los Angeles!

Grant Morrison, MBE


On today’s list of Birthday Honours, writer Grant Morrison has been awarded an MBE for his services to Batman.

Not A Hoax! Not An Imaginary Story!


Grant Morrison will present Mxyzptlk as a Kryptonian God of Chaos, in direct contrast to Brainiac, a God of Order. Both will battle across multiple dimensions (as hypothesized by String Theory), forming the “brane” of his long-awaited “Multiversity” epic.

2000AD's Dredd-full graphic novels for 2012


It’s 2000AD’s 35th birthday—which seems kind of young, as its brand is so ubiquitous in UK comics—and they will be releasing a bunch of GNs this year by the likes of Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, John Wagner, Pat Mills, and Ian Edginton, and artwork from Brian Bolland, Chris Weston, Steve Dillon, Dave Gibbons, and D’Israeli:

The Fate of Krypto revealed in ACTION #5


The first four pages of ACTION #5 by Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, and Jesse Delperdang has just been previewed at Geek Dad and Underwire and not only does it present the new origin for Superman, as he’s rocketed to earth by his parents, but we learn why the new DCU will not have a happy, yappy dog in a cape flying around — instead there’s a “Ghost Krypto”. Oh, Grant Morrison, how could you?

Boom teases Grant Morrison on the Avengers — UPDATE


Not that Avengers. The ones with John Steed and Mrs. Peel.

You know, Diana Rigg.

The image suggests a six-issue miniseries beginning in January based on the ’60s TV show The Avengers, whch featured an urbane pair of British spies. The show was a huge influence on Morrison, so it’s not hard to see why he’d want to write a miniseries based on the property.

Nice art: FLEX MENTALLO deluxe edition cover by Frank Quitely


Not a hoax, not a dream, not an imaginary story, DC is collecting FLEX MENTALLO: Man of Muscle Mystery in one of those Deluxe Editions that will look nice on your shelf next to other Grant Morrison/Quitely classics like We3 or All Star Superman. You’ll recall that FLEX MENTALLO is one of the seminal works in the Morrison oeuvre—many of Morrison’s most important themes found their most cogent articulation here— but a collection was long held in the vault due to past legal problems. But now it’s coming your way in all its glory, and it has an awesome new cover by Quitely. It’s all good.

Coming Attractions: Fall 2011: Marvel


Continuing the review, I turn my attention to Marvel. They don’t usually have a strong Holiday list, instead relying on licensed products to sell in bookstores. They even have a tendency to take what would be big ticket gift items like omnibus hardcovers and schedule them for January! No big gift books on the radar, so I wonder if anything will pop when people surf on Cyber Monday.