Superman: Earth One – Volume Two Announced for 2012


After announcing Batman: Earth One, DC follows up by announcing the second volume of the JMS/Shane Davis Superman: Earth One graphic novel series. The first volume of this Superman reboot sold VERY well and made a strong case for original graphic novels in the superhero genre. (As opposed to Vertigo’s Sandman and Fables offerings.) While the Batman volume appears to be set for July, no date seems to be released for Superman:Earth One. Volume 1 was released in November 2010, so it would make sense if this were another late fall/holiday gift release.

Iron Man 2.0 Vol. 1: Palmer Addley Is Dead – A Book With Multiple Plot Disorder


I happened across Iron Man 2.0 Vol. 1: Palmer Addley Is Dead at the library and thought I’d give it a go. I’d given the monthly version a look, but it hadn’t held my attention. Sometimes, a comic reads better as a book and I’ve enjoyed Nick Spencer’s T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Infinite Vacation.

Tales of the Batman: Gene Colan – The Difference Between an Art Book and a Graphic Novel


By Todd Allen Back in August, DC released the “TALES OF BATMAN: GENE COLAN VOL. 1” hardcover book. This book reprints Batman #340, 343-345, 348-351 and Detective Comics #510, 512, 517, 528 and 529. As we see a trend towards naming collections of a title by the creator(s),we come across a little glitch.  When collecting […]

Looking at Venom by Rick Remender Vol. 1


“Venom by Rick Remender Vol. 1” is not the flashiest title ever conceived for a book (pun intended). There’s a trend of breaking up titles runs by creator. Over at Marvel, you’ve got “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis,” “Moon Knight by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev,” and so forth. Over at DC, You’ve got “Tales of the Batman” volumes for Gene Colan and Don Newton. I suppose it’s good for branding the work of a particular creator on a series, though it’s the rare title like Moon Knight that’s spreading the love between both writers and artists. We’ll see how long this naming trend sticks around and whether more heavily promoted storylines are collected under the creators’ names (as of this writing, it’s Spider-Man: Spider Island, not Dan Slott’s Spider-Man Vol. *.*”)

Venom by Rick Remender has Remender on writing chores, with the art split between Tony Moore and Tom Fowler, and a variety of inkers on Moore. I pulled this volume out of the library on a lark and it turned out to be a much deeper read than I was expecting.

Many new Vertigo trades announced, including an INVISIBLES Omnibus


Remember good old Vertigo, the imprint where all the top writers for the New 52 got discovered and DC graphic novel book store sales were practically invented? Well, they are still at it! Plucky old Vertigo. And just to prove they still have what it takes, they have announced their book collections for the second half of 2012, including some truly awesome stuff, like a HUGE one-volume edition of THE INVISIBLES by Grant Morrison and his all stars (Quitely, Jimenez, Thompson, Weston, Buckingham etc., etc., etc.) that will weigh in at a mere 1536 pages and $150. Frankly, we didn’t know they could print books that big and wide. Given that THE INVISIBLES is one of our favorite mainstream comic of the 90s, we are there. Make room, make room!

They also announced two NEW gns, including Get Jiro! by Anthony Bourdain, Joel Rose and Langdon Foss, planned for June and Right State, just announced by Mat Johnson and Andrea Muti.

Coming Attractions: Fall 2011: Fantagraphics


Mark Twain and Flannery O’Connor! Estonia and the Andes! Armed Gardens and Treasure Island! Joe Kubert, Tony Millionaire, Jack Davis! Old Comedians and Young Romance! And Gahan Wilson’s Nuts!

NYCC news rewind: Rushkoff and Sudzuka take on our cultural short attention span


This one has been out there for a while but hasn’t gotten too much attention: A.D.D., an original graphic novel by Douglas Rushkoff and Goran Sudzuka from Vertigo.

Coming Attractions: April 2011


Wow! Lots of great books coming out this month!

Industry Movers School Ya


Art schools and apprenticeships find themselves more popular than ever, let’s all tip our hats to inspiration artist Rudolph Töpffer’s for his creation of boarding school for boys. While anyone can teach themselves and become successful on their own, a lot of the specialty schools allow access to equipment, connections, mentorship of working professionals and opportunities in a condensed amount of time that are priceless.

Coming Attractions: Holidays 2010


Were you a good boy or girl this year? Did you avoid Internet snark, practice goodwill towards your fellow human being, and cross with the light? Yeah, neither did I. So, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, I offer the following list of graphic novel gift books, designed to help you assuage your guilt, […]

Coming Attractions: September 2010


The following is a selection of new titles due to be published in September 2010.

There is no particular order to the titles presented below.

This list is not comprehensive, as there are over 275 graphic novel titles scheduled for this month. If you would like to browse them at your leisure, click here. Instead, I have selected titles which caught my interest. These are not necessarily titles I will purchase, but which I will definitely look at once they arrive at my local comics shop or bookstore. Please be advised that publication dates are not set in stone. Also, your local comics shop might receive copies before your local neighborhood website or library. Links connected to publishers will link to the publisher’s website, sometimes to the exact title. Links for the ISBN-13 (also known as the Bookland EAN) will take you to the title as featured on . I consider my tastes to be rather eclectic. If you feel I’ve neglected or slighted a title, publisher, or creator, please feel free to mention it in the comments below.

Monthly lists such as this will be posted at the end of the previous month. I will also be posting specific subject lists (comic strips, comics history and surveys, superheroes…) for each season, but these will not have a set schedule.

SD10: Indie Comics Saturday


Dark Horse

Given that pretty much all of the Spartans died at the Battle of Thermopylae – which was sort of the point – people have been speculating for years about how Frank Miller would wring a sequel out of his hit Dark Horse graphic novel and movie 300. Today, at Comic-Con, the answer came out. The sequel, XERXES, will actually take place at exactly the same time on another battlefield of the same war.

Hope Larson & Raina Telgemeier


This weekend before MoCCA will be the second Drink & Draw Like a Lady, hosted by Hope Larson & Raina Telgemeier. Both ladies also have new YA graphic novels out this spring, creating a synergy that demanded an interview this week! What are your new books about? HL: Mercury is the story of two girls […]