REVIEW: “Do I Really Want My Name Associated with SEX AND VIOLENCE?”


Tweetby LTZ A while back, the Beat’s own Henry Barajas – tireless observer of Kickstarted comics that he is – took some time to preview a crowd-funded book by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jimmy Broxton, and Juan Santacruz. Sex and Violence, Vol. 1 was laid bare (spread-eagle, perhaps) to its supporters this past week, after […]

Kickwatcher: Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton Present GOLDTIGER


TweetHere’s a real Kickstarter based on a fake artist whose real work has been forged by Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton, both of whom are real living people and are not figments of fiction, unlike the artist who didn’t draw this comic strip, because he never existed. Got that? This is GOLDTIGER.

Kick-Watcher: The way it should be: Lars Brown’s Penultimate Quest


Tweet Kickstarter has been a talking point in the comics industry ever since its conception, most recently and prominently for the fallout between Mark Andrew Smith and the problems he’s been having with his Sullivan Sluggers book. My experience with the platform has been limited: I use it purely as a pre-order service and since May last […]

Kick-Watcher: Michael Moreci on MINI COMICS INCLUDED


TweetOne of the ways many people stumbled onto their first comic was through the promotional comics that used to come bundled in with action figures. You know the ones – you buy a He-Man figure, and in the box comes a comic which shows him in action, fighting against all the other characters who coincidentally […]

Kick-Watcher: Not-for-profit inspirational Batman documentary

poster art

Brett Culp kick-starts his Batman inspired not-for-profit documentary, Legends of the Knight. Culp that features interviews from everyone’s favorite industry Bat-fans, and powerful everyday people that use their enthusiasm to be active in their communities and overcome extreme hardship.

Steven Sanders launches Symbiosis on Kickstarter


TweetArtist and designer Steven Sanders, curly of beard and intense of eyes, launched a Kickstarter yesterday for his new project Symbiosis. A massive 100+ page art book, Symbiosis is designed with the idea that people will be able to take the ideas and visuals created by Sanders and do whatever they want with them. They […]

Kick-Watcher: Raised by Raptors, Gumshoes 4 Hire, Ultrasylvania Vol. 2


I’m glad the holidays are over and everyone is off their ass making back to making some comic books.  Something’s in the water or there just are some great project with a lot of heart and soul.  We have some bright new faces, an industry favorite and a successful project manager looking for repeated success.

Kick-Watcher: Frogman, The Whole Story and Inkd


Tweet I know that’s the weirdest group of projects to put in one headline but I think it says a lot about the amount of variety that Kickstarter can offer. 

Kick-Watcher: Con Season and Pariah, Missouri

Pariah, Missouri 1

TweetNo offense to the other 78+ projects out there but nothing on Kickstarter has been catching my eye as of late.  Maybe I’m spoiled with projects like the recently successful Peter Pan, BAD KARMA and The Big Feminist BUT.  It seems like a slow season but thankfully there are projects like Con Season and Pariah, Missouri to keep things interesting.



Tweet Boom continues to have success with its comics for younger readers with Adventure Time, Peanuts and Ice Age. Based on the ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT! film, a new volume in the 8″ x 8 format is coming out in March, ICE AGE: THE HIDDEN TREASURE by Caleb Monroe and Andy Hirsch. Here’s a peak […]

Kick-Watcher: Graphic Journalism on Human Trafficking in Nepal and INTERVIEW with Dan Archer


TweetI had the  privilege of interviewing award-winning  journalist Dan Archer, the creator of the Kickstarter project Graphic Journalism on Human Trafficking in Nepal.

On the Scene: Saving Sunny’s, the Bar at the End of the World


Tweet On Saturday, December 1st, the Hamilton Gallery Theater in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, hosted a benefit for a Red Hook landmark, Sunny’s Bar, in attempt to help bring it back from the verge of storm-ravaged closure. Sunny’s Bar, only a short distance from the waterfront, was filled with water and sludge by Hurricane Sandy, and […]

Kick-Watcher: The Steamworld Chronicle & Peter Pan vol. 1


Tweet Here are two out of the 104 Kickstarter projects that are worthy of your hard earned dinero.

Kickwatcher & Preview: Big Feminist But kicks ass


A new Kickstarter just launched this morning for The Big Feminist But a comics anthology of stories about women, men, attitudes and the humor and drama of those attitudes. Contributors include Jeffrey Brown, Gabrielle Bell, Lauren Weinstein, Josh Neufeld, Sarah Oleksyk, Corrine Mucha and many more, including what may be the last published comic by the late, great Dylan Williams. The goal is $13,995 which will pay for printing and distribution and a page rate for contributors.

Joe Caramagna and Scott Koblish Successfully Kickstart Wyatt Earp


TweetThere’s just over a day left to go, but Joe Caramagna and Scott Koblish can rest easy with some yams (or whatever it is you people do for Thankgiving) as their Kickstarter for ‘The Further Adventures of Wyatt Earp’ was successfully funded today. Mark Waid pushed them over the top, proving that – as in […]

Kick-Watcher: INTERVIEW with Jimmy Palmiotti on SEX AND VIOLENCE Vol. 1

pornland cover

Tweet Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray debut their second Kickstarter project of the year, SEX AND VIOLENCE Volume One.