Preview: Other Stuff by Peter Bagge and friends


This May Fantagraphics is releasing OTHER STUFF, a compilation of various strips by Peter Bagge and his friends like Dan Clowes, Gilbert Hernandez, and R. Crumb. The stories in the book are mostly outside the famed Buddy Bradley saga, but no less hilarious.

The Stranger in Paradise Omnibus is back in paperback


If you’ve ever wanted to own the definitive version of Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise saga, it’s available once again in Omnibus form. Originally released as a hardcover, the 2400 page two-volume collection included what Moore considered the final version of the story, with censorship removed, and storytelling smoothed out. However, that edition is long […]

A New Year's Gift From The Beat!


Listen to Heidi MacDonald, The Beat herself, discuss 2011 in comics on a special year-end edition of More To Come, the PW Comics World podcast! As you may or may not know, Heidi has been one of the hosts of our bi-weekly comics news podcast for the past several months. In this episode, Heidi MacDonald and her co-hosts PW Comics World editor Calvin Reid and I discuss the biggest trends and events of the past year, including…

Bryan Hitch leaving Marvel for mystery project and spelling lessons


Bryan Hitch, the king of widescreen comics, is announcing the end of his Marvel run of nearly ten years — or at least that’s what he’s tweet hinting:

In two days time, an amazing decade at Marvel closes for me. What a wonderful time to have joined the party. Very proud and honoured.

For the last month, Hitch has been counting down to a purported huge announcement — he has only five days to go, so January 3 will be the big day — coincidentally, the day that Hitch’s frequent — Ultimates, Authority– collaborator Mark Millar also has an announcement planned. Hm.

Automatic Kafka collected


Artist Ashley Wood ruminates on the occasion of a collected edition of Automatic Kafka, his surreal but energizing collaboration with writer Joe Casey, most recently lauded as part of the WildStorm heritage. What Thrillerwas the the ’80s this was to the Aughts, and it’s fantastic that it’s finally been collected. Only one catch…it’s in Spanish.

Charts of Note #1: Vertigo ongoing series runs


Funnybook Babylon has an interesting charticle looking at the runs of various Vertigo ongoing series over the years, following some speculation that books were being canceled there because of increased scrutiny from DC’s new management. Chris Eckert suggests this is not the case, or at least not the only factor, by showing that the lowest selling titles are always canceled, although nowadays the best selling title is something that would have been canceled a decade ago. Eckert also runs a chart showing relative Amazon rankings for various Vertigo trades, a weak metric but all we have to go on.

Remembering the past: Do not repeat


Over the recent holiday weekend, we had occasion to spend a fair bit of time going through posts from the Old Beat, clearing out some spam and trying to clean up the database for various purposes. Along the way we were forced to violently relive the last few years of the last decade. It all seemed so simple once. So many news stories that never went anywhere — a few we jotted down for future investigation, but there were also things like this fellow who spent money in 2007 to announce his new blog. Now it’s only a reseller placeholder. They had such big dreams, but those big dreams crawled under a rock to die.

The ’00s rearview mirror: Ultimate Best Of List


Blogger Hunter Phillips has assembled a “Definitive” Best of the ’00s comics list by toting up the published “Best of” lists: THE DETAILS: • Compiled from over 60 “Best of the Decade” lists. • Only those books that made at least 5 lists are included on the master list. Organized by number of mentions. • […]

Reading roundup: 1/4/10


WOW, lots of reading to do to get yourself ready for the new year! § You will be dumbfounded with amazement at Douglas Wolk’s list of exciting books coming out in 2010 like (above) Dan Nadel’s Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventures, 1940-1980, a follow-up to his Art Out of Time anthology. § Then […]

io9 cover gallery


Graeme McMillan rounds up 100 Amazing Comic Covers From The Last Ten Years. Was this the Greatest Decade in Comics History or not?

Captain Don Draper?


Star Trek: The Mad Generation via Derek Kirk Kim. This could sum up either the ’00s, the ’80s, the ’60s, or the 24th century.

Couple more best of decade projects


We’re about to get out of town and looks like most everyone else has, but there are a couple of good links to keep you going over the holidays. Tom Spurgeon is running a series of interviews with prominent comics critics, each examining one of the most prominent comics of the decade. So far: Sean […]

More best of the year, decade, longbox…whatevs!


“Best of” lists are coming at us thick and fast! Catch ‘em all! And then complain! • Whitney Matheson has her best of the year list, and we guarantee it is unlike any other list you’ll see. • Whitney is also doing her mind-boggling 100 most inetresting people of the year feature which includes Lilli […]

Techland’s best comics from one guy’s collection


Time’s nerd site, Techland has named its top ten comics of the decade,, or at least contributor Mike Williams has, and it’s pretty depressing. 1. The Ultimates 2. 100 Bullets 3. Planetary 4. All Star Superman 5. The Walking Dead 6. The Authority 7. Mouseguard 8. Blankets 9. Invincible 10. Y The Last Man Not […]

Looking back at the Aughts: Vig and Sean still have it


To celebrate their 20th anniversary, film magazine Empire recently commissioned a photo gallery of stars reprising their iconic roles. Although it’s been 10 years since they made the LORD OF THE RINGS films — surely one of the most successful creative undertakings of the ten-year period about to pass — Boromir and Aragorn (aka Sean […]

Collins! What is best in comics?


If you thought yesterday’s A.V. Club Best Comics of the Aughts list was going to tiptoe by unnoticed and uncommented on, you were wide of the mark by a fair bit. Sean T. Collins delivers a total smackdown, from the lack of manga to the last of KRAMERS ERGOT to the lack of an ordered […]