Scratching the Surface of Thought Bubble 2012


This weekend saw Thought Bubble 2012’s convention, and…. phew, it was busy. I did my best to talk to everybody, but don’t think I managed to get to even half of all the people who were there. It was a brilliant show, and I’ll try to do justice to it with my rundown. Get ready….!

Good Work, Comics: Boy Bands and Shadow Edition


It’s getting tougher all the time, as Paul McCartney would’ve likely sung if the Beatles had reunited for a jaded comeback tour in the 1990s. All you want in life is for Stephanie Brown to get just one bit of respect, but time and time again your dreams are shatteringly recoloured at the last moment. And […]

Good Work, Comics: Post Halloween Edition


Nothing is safe anymore, is it? The world was rocked once more this week by a series of pop-culture calamities, proving without a shadow of a doubt that we live in a world where nothing is sacred. Not Amy Winehouse’s wedding dress, nor the good clean fun of a new Will Smith album. While all […]

Good Work, Comics!

Extermination_5_CVA (1)

Is there nowhere in the world of culture which can stay positive for more than five minutes!? This week we found out that not even glam rock could provide us safety (now we’re firmly in the barren hair-straightened wastelands of the post-80s), with the news that Kiss and Aerosmith are now art war with each […]

Digital Comics: $3 spent


If you are one of the last souls who has yet to buy WANDER or DRACULA THE UNCONQUERED #2, allow me to convince you. Put away that latte money for I have something better for you to enjoy.

Irene-watch: Stuck inside? Read some comics!


With some 65 million Americans stuck inside this weekend due to the potentially devastating hurricane, what are you supposed to do but read some comics! While paper-based products will be the most useful if the power goes out, if you want to burn a few pixels, there are tons of great comics online to keep you busy.

Webcomic Creators and Nerd Rapper UNITE


In as unstable job market as we have today, three men have decided to give their art their full time attention, their all. Writer and artist of Let’s Be Friends Again!, Curt Franklin and Chris Haley respectively started their witty webcomic on the print comic world and what it means to really be friends in 2008. Eugene Ahn aka nerd rapper Adam WarRock quit his career as an attorney in 2010 in order to follow his heart and let his mouth fly. Today they announced the joining of their two ventures into LBFA!, Inc.

Weekend Reading: The Moon Prince


Kevin Mutch’s story is just getting going, but thing around the orphans Max and Molly are sure getting strange.

Weekday reading: Colin Upton online


Vancouver-based mini-comic/underground cartoonist Colin Upton is taking to the web on his LJ page. Here, he grapples with This Modern Life.

Weekend Reading: Black Death by Sammy Harkham


Struggle, death, darkness, a ray of hope? Via what things do

Weekend reading: “Fall” by Joe Lambert


One of many fine comics archived at Top Shelf 2.0. Joe Lambert, one of CCS’s most watched grads, with a clean illustrative style akin to Jordan Crane (His thesis adviser) and Jason Lutes. This strip references Little Nemo and Gasoline Alley for a sweet fantasy.

Weekend reading: “Grace” by Kris Dresen


Kris Dresen is a Xeric Award winner for Manya, written by Jen Banka. Grace is a cute story of an awkward crush, a lesbian coffeehouse and pie. It’s a little slow moving, but likable characters should keep you clicking.

Weekend Reading: Steve’s Bissette’s “King of Monster Isle” — Part 5


Just getting started — and you have to scroll to the bottom and read up — but with a title like that who can resist? Via

Weekend Reading: Bertozzi’s PECAN SANDY


Pecan Sandy starts here, but Nick Bertozzi’s website contains hours of reading pleasure.

Weekend Reading: Drew Weing’s Set to Sea


Drew Weing is a cartoonist in the illustrative school, with a detailed line, and a drift towards whimsical fantasy. He has several webcomics online at his site, but we draw your attention today to the ongoing Set to Sea, the tale of a poet who dreams of the sea who gets shanghaied — hijinx ensue.