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WonderCon's location in 2013 is still a big question mark


This year’s special Anaheim edition of WonderCon wrapped up as a success with larger than expected crowds, and generally strong sales. After a string of misfires, it was the best show in the SoCal market (aside from the big one, the San Diego Comic-Con) in quite some time.

However just where the 2013 edition of WonderCon will take place is still a “complete question mark” according to CCI’s David Glanzer. San Francisco’s Moscone Center cannot give them dates, and although the intention is to return to Northern California, obviously the show needs a home.

Wondercon: Brian Wood's X-Trip and Dark Avengers


Brian Wood used to be known as a Vertigo writer. Axel Alonso used to be known as a Vertigo editor. When Wood’s time at Vertigo ended, did you think Brian and Axel might have a chat? Maybe.

Wondercon Announcements: Avengers Academy / AVX


Being announced at Wondercon right now: what’s going on with Avengers Academy and the Avengers Vs. X-Men Event.

Rain over WonderCon


It’s a rare day in SoCal with high wind and rain lashing the area around WonderCon.

Which is not good, because apparently the Anaheim Convention Center leaks.

Wondercon Announcements: Spider-Man and Punisher


Spinning out of the Spider-Man panel at Wondercon, we have two announcements: the next Spidey arc (and villain) and a Punisher mini-series that’s a bit different from the monthly.