Legal Right & Ethical Might Part 2 with AUDIO


On October 21st, Stephen Bissette from The Center for Cartoon Studies met up with Oliver Goodenough from The Vermont Law School to discuss Jack Kirby and his relationship with Marvel Comics. The Comics Journal put the audio up and it is a good listen with a nice James Sturm introduction

New campaign: A Buck for Jack


Earlier today we noted Stan Lee’s penchant for pacting. Sadly, his partner in the Marvel Age, Jack Kirby, did not live to see the era where his creations and influence dominate pop culture. In fact, his family is right now engaged in a bitter dispute with Marvel Comics over the rights to the characters he created.

Some have called, passionately, for a boycott of Marvel over this. and they would have the high ground. But if a boycott isn’t your style. Nat Gertler has started his own way to remember The King, a program called A Buck for Jack, which suggests you donate a dollar every time you go see a movie based on Kirby’s creations.

Legal Right & Ethical Mights (To Do Friday)


BY JEN VAUGHN – This Friday, ‘Marvel’ will face the ghost of Jack Kirby when professor and attorney Oliver Goodenough squares off against creator rights advocate and cartoonist Steve Bissette.

Quick hits: retailers, Morrison v. Ware, Kirby


New developments in the Atomic bankruptcy and Grant Morrison vs Chris Ware, and a new take on Kirby/Lee.

Nilsen, Harbin, others cover Fantastic Four #9


Now this is a great way to spend your money! Cartoonist Jason Young has spent the last three years slowly commissioning an array of great indie artists to redraw FANTASTIC FOUR #9, the issue co-starring the Sub-Mariner. It’s a Coober Skeeber/Strange Tales mash-up that proves the talents of all involved. Young writes:

50 Years ago today the Marvel Age began


Based on what we know of publishing data, August 8th, 1961 was the day FANTASTIC FOUR #1 arrived on newsstands. Tom Brevoort sent out a birthday tweet. Although there’s talk of boycotts and justified anger over Marvel’s shoddy treatment of some of its greatest talent over the years, we should still mark this day. Pairing the protean storytelling of Ditko and Kirby with the breezy populism of Stan Lee created some of the greatest adventure comics that have ever been, and we suspect they’ll be read for another 50 years.

Some Kirby/Marvel links


The must-read from yesterday is Michael Dean’s look at the actual court documents ALSO, Spanish cartoonist Pepo Perez has his own comments on creator ownership, here in the Google translation. That’s makes for some awkwardness, but also some great stuff.

Steve Bissette calls for Marvel boycott over their treatment of Jack Kirby


Spinning out of a Facebook discussion, cartoonist and educator Steve Bissette is making a case for a boycott of Marvel over how shabbily they have treated Jack Kirby and his heirs:

Court rules in favor of Marvel in Kirby copyright case — with text of ruling and depositions


A sad day for those who hoped, perhaps against hope, that Jack “The King’ Kirby’s heirs would get some of the money their father’s creations have made over the years. Characters including Captain America (created in the ’40s with Joe Simon), The Hulk, Iron Man and Thor– you know, if they called next year’s potential biggest-movie-of-all-time THE AVENEGRS “JACK KIRBY’S AVENGERS” they would not be far from the mark.

Deadline has analysis, seeing it as a big setback for lawyer Marc Toberoff, who has won many unlikely IP cases against giant studios in the past:

Stan Lee 3: The King and the Man in their own words


Gerry Giovinco‘s blog is always worth reading, but here’s a telling piece setting the two titans’ accounts of the origins of Marvel side by side and coming to a conclusion:

Jack Kirby: "Nobody was in the mood to joke unless you hit a guy with a baseball bat."


The notorious 1990 Comics Journal interview with Jack Kirby is now online in its entirety, and you can see what made it notorious. The 71-year-old Kirby was not shy about asserting his place in the creation of comics’ best known characters and at the expense of his collaborators.

Nice art: Jack Kirby's Three Thors


Before he designed the Thunder God whose movie opens tomorrow, Jack Kirby had designed two previous characters named Thor, and over at the Kirby Museum they look back at the Sandman version and the Tales of the Unexpected version.

We’ve seen THOR btw and will have a full review tomorrow. Short version: entertaining but 3D sucks.

Jack Kirby: What does this panel mean?


It is explained here.
Everything is explained here.

Galactus is real and sending huge gamma-ray bubbles towards us


“They’re big, they’re sharp-edged and they contain a lot of energy.” Is there anyone other than Galactus who could possibly be behind this???? Head for the hills! We are going to be eaten! [Thanks to Mike E. for the warning.]

Super Cool: New Jack Kirby website and discussion


Looking to get high today? What If Kirby is a new site devoted to new, detailed, mind-blasting scans of Jack Kirby’s artwork, and honestly just a few minutes of browsing sent The Beat tripping into new realms. Purchase of a membership in the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center gives access to the real hard stuff however: even bigger scans.

Coming Attractions: September 2010


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