Thought Bubble is happening right now!


Are you here? Have you arrived? Leeds’ Thought Bubble Comic Arts Festival has reached the convention stage today, with guests including Kate Beaton, Mark Waid, Jason Aaron, Alison Bechdel, Andy Diggle, Fiona Staples, Kieron Gillen and a whole load of others. Image and 2000AD are also in attendance, along with a deluge of small-press and creator […]

IDW launches IDW Limited line of direct to consumer deluxe projects


Continuing on with their blockbuster “Artists Edition” line, IDW is getting even more exclusive with a new imprint called IDW Limited which will offer books direct to consumers with editions of as few as 10 copies. The line is launching with a special edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1, Change Is Constant with […]

Revealed: Jay Lynch is Kringo


Artist Jay Lynch has quite a storied career for drawing the Garbage Pail Kids, creating Nard ‘n’ Pat and such recents books as Otto’s Orange Day for Toon Books. But it turns out, he and his ex-wife were also the artist known as Kringo:

What Am I Bid?: Recent Comics and Movie Auction Results


The Fantasy Economy continues, with a record comics auction at Heritage, and an amazing array of Hollywood memorabilia from Profiles in History!

Weekend distraction: Biggest Crackerjack Toy Auction in history about to go down


It’s been a crappy horrible day, but here’s something to end it on that should make you smile. The kids today may not be aware that Cracker Jack gifts weren’t always lame-of pencil toppers (seriously — who the hell needs a pencil topper???) but were once an array of tiny toys and gadgets all assembled from die cast plastic. And now it seems largest collection of Cracker Jack toys ever assembled going up for auction. It’s all part of the Dreier Collection, a massive pop culture collection which is being auctioned off by Profiles in History on July 28th. You can view the whole thing below.

SDCC 2012: Cuddly Toys! Big Bang Theory Edition


Cuddly toys at SDCC! Expect a lot of this over the next few days, you guys

Video from Space


BY JEN VAUGHN – Last month, Logan Kugler lit a fire under our butts about sending Star Trek figures into space! One small step for plastic . . . you get it.

Smell like Hulk with Marvel's Official Avengers Perfume


Why not get that smell of burnt Watchmen toast out of your pores by indulging in some Avengers perfume?

Who Watches the Toaster? Licensed toasters from Dynamite include the Watchmen


We’d like to think that even Alan Moore could smile about this one at some point: Dynamic Forces has partnered with Warner Bros. for a a line of licensed toasters. Properties include The Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Story, Where the Wild Things Are, The Goonies, Gremlins, Little Shop of Horrors, Watchmen, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Mad Magazine, Friends, and so on.

And yes, these toasters will burn Gizmo or Freddie Krueger right on to your toast for breakfast thrills!

Reprints in Review: Garbage Pail Kids Wreak Havoc in New Collection of Classic Card Art


by Casey Burchby

— One of the only fistfights I’ve ever been in was over Garbage Pail Kids – proof they were a dangerous influence, no? I was eight and a kid named Chad lived down the street. Chad was bad. His family was shady. Their house was overgrown; the lawn was a small parking lot. Chad was the kid I’d play with – maybe – if no one else was around. But Chad had had Garbage Pail Kids. So with some hesitation, I decided to do a little business with Chad. I had a card he was dying for. He promised me several cards in return for just that one. I jumped at the offer, which I knew was foolish. Little did I know Chad planned to welsh.

Is Static joining Young Justice cartoon?


This interview with Young Justice Lead Character Designer Phil Bourassa has a few clues if you want to connect the dots. Early in he explains his intro to the world of animation:

Groovy Comics-inspired shelves now available in the US


These stylish, practical wooden comics inspired shelves designed by Oscar Nuñez are now available for sale in the US from Groopti.

Who’s selling all the Carl Barks stuff at Heritage Auctions?


If you’re a Carl Barks collector, Heritage Auctions is selling a ton of great stuff, including autographed comics, correspondence, and, at the very high end some of Barks incredibly collectible — and expensive — oil paintings, like “Red Sails in the Sunset” which starts at $30,000.

There’s also this Barks Treasury Gold Limited Edition with Signed Certificate #320/1000 (Applewood Books, 1997) made out to “Steve.”

Captain America Tie-In Food: We Eat It So You Don’t Have To


Not since Star Trek waffles (I’m not kidding) has a movie had so many unconventional food tie-ins as Captain America: The First Avenger. Clearly this called for a review in the interest of science journalism. So while visiting my parents for the Fourth of July weekend, I decided an expedition into patriotic tie-in food was required and resolved to try and review it all, a project which revealed one vitally important fact – apparently Americans really, really like patriotic donuts.

Rare panty variant cover of Grimm Fairy Tales is a hit on eBay


Zenescope is one of those publishers that hangs around the middle of the pack; they’ve been a it for a while, and if they don’t sell giant numbers or have household name hits, they are still at it, occasionally pacting with Discovery or putting out a kids line or doing something else to expand their line.

But the bread and butter that keeps Zenescope afloat is cheesecake — especially of the variant we like to call “loincloth comics.” It’s like the ’90s “Bad Girl” era never went away for GRIMM FAIRY TALES, their flagship title which features skimpily clad girls thrusting their body parts at various fairy tale based characters on the covers. Sometimes tacky, but harmless.

Heritage sets yet more records with Miller and Crumb sales


Via a press release, and speaking of Frank Miller, Heritage Auctions set a record by selling a page of Miller art from Daredevil #188 for $101,575. According to Todd Hignite, who is Consignment Director for Original Comic and Illustration Art for Heritage, it’s a record for original art from the 80s, and “one of the handful of highest prices that Heritage has ever seen paid for a piece of comic art, period. It’s in very rarefied company.”