The state of the comics internet on September 4, 2003


If you’re a digital hoarder like The Beat you may wake up one day and realize you have some bookmark files that go back 10 years or more. And then you may poke around and you may find something like. Bradley’s Almanac – comic book links which was last updated more than nine years ago.

Alan Moore Drops Hot New Single


TweetComic book writer Alan Moore has dropped a new single today, available through Occupation Records. His first new recording in a while, it shows a clear new direction for his music, away from shamanistic chanting in the woods of Northampton and more towards William Shatner-style slam poetry. His newest song shows clear his influences, which […]

Art 4 Sandy Relief Initiative Launches


Tweet In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which hit America over the past week and caused blackouts, severe damage, and claimed several lives in the process, former Marvel, now Disney art director Rich Ginter has set up an initiative looking to trade comic-book items for donations to the relief effort. Called ‘Art For Sandy Relief’, […]

The Beat named one of the 25 Best Blogs by


I know I tweeted this yesterday, but for those who missed it, the newly revamped website ran a list of the Top 25 Blogs of 2012. and
The Beat was on the list!

Kickstarter UK Opens Up for Business


TweetKickstarter has become the go-to crowdfunding website for a variety of comic projects, whether they be furiously exciting or somewhat dubious. But up until now, the site has been fairly restrictive about who can or can’t set up a campaign on the site – namely, that Americans can, but people in the UK can’t. That’ll […]

Clark Kent: Quitter


TweetAlmost certainly due to the news that The Daily Planet was long-ago outstripped by The Beat in terms of superhero coverage (suck it, Perry White), Scott Lobdell’s first regular issue of Superman will apparently see Clark Kent quit the company.

NYCC in audio with Morrison, Ennis, etc.


TweetJamie Coville recording a bunch of panels from New York Comic Con and here they are for you listening pleasure: New York Comic Con 2012 (October 11 – 14) – 126 Photos

Joe Quesada goes on Jimmy Kimmel show to announce Marvel NOW!


Tweet Marvel is upping its PR game a bit: for the latest Marvel NOW! announcement, Marvel CCO Joe Quesada will go on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel show. “First Jimmy Kimmel rocked the Emmys in front of the entire world and now he’s set his sights on the Marvel Universe,” said Quesada. “I’m looking forward to meeting […]

Rumblings in the nerd media: Variety, EW, Boucher


As a daily reporter on the nerd media for over a decade, sometimes The Beat likes to sit back and take it all in. And of late there have been some telling moves that show how the nerd media/new media is putting the boots to the old media that STILL just Doesn’t Get It.

First there’s l’afffair Geoff Boucher. Boucher, one of the LA Times top entertainment reporters launched his Hero Complex blog in 2008, at the tale end of the Golden Age of Blogging.

The Long Dark Eternal September of the Soul


Tweet_____________________________________________________________________________ The recent, latest online activism against an online idiot encouraged me to write something which I had been thinking about for awhile. The philosophical musing began when I discovered the following on Wikipedia: Eternal September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Long September) Jump to: navigation, search Eternal September (also September that never […]

Winter and Kelly Sue assemble Ninja Princesses (and Ninja Kitties)


TweetBy Steve Morris Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel, and Pretty Deadly not enough for her, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has taken on a new project, at the request of a young writer she met, called Winter. As described way better on DeConnick’s blog (which you should read before continuing with this piece), Winter first approached the […]

New this fall: Diary Comics 4 by Dustin Harbin


Koyama Press will be publishing Volume 4 of Dustin Harbin’s Diary Comics this fall, presumably in time for the fall comics show circuit. If you can’t get enough of @dustinharbin on twitter or his website, this collection should definitely amuse and enlighten.

Six of the most awesome panels of the day: Matt Madden on comics evolution


Matt Madden nails the history of comics in six panels. To see the thing full size, you’ll need to go here, to a long essay by Professor Paul Lopes of Colgate University, on why comics are a great artform—something that some in the academic world must still be persuaded of.

Heck yeah: Comics Workbook


Frank Santoro’s new process blog Comics Workbook, which has “flipped the script”:

Must Read: Women Write About Comics


As an addendum to the previous post, and for further reading, there’s currently a Women Write About Comics roundtable going on, with interviews with lots of smart people. The most recent is with Alexa Dickman of the Ladies Making Comics tumblr and her indispensable Women in Comics wiki which is doing an amazing job of bringing to light tons of forgotten women in the comics industry. Lots of smart talk, including this gem:

Infinity, the new FREE magazine about digital comics for iPad


A digital magazine about…digital comics?

Why didn’t anyone think of that before?