Ann Nocenti explains the thing about Girls Who Cosplay


This year, vote for a REAL change. Vote Loki!

Loki/Doom 2012 Why settle for a lesser evil?

You could settle for petty tyrants who steal a vote here and there or block uncontroversial legislation out of mere partisan spite, but why not think big? Pretensions of altruism and benevolence are for the weak and dishonest, promising virtues never achieved. This year, vote for an honest villain – a supervillain! Admit the truth […]

Living in the Marvel Universe: Real Life Intrudes Upon Imagination

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As a kid, it’s easy to disconnect from reality.  Your database of experience is low, so you don’t have the visceral experience or memory to question what appears on television, at the local theater, or on the pages of a book.  (Of course, you still cry thinking about Dan and Ann, even though Third Grade […]

The Legal View: What the Shuster ruling means


By Jeff Trexler In the book of Genesis, Esau sells his birthright to his younger brother Jacob for some lentil soup. Yesterday, a judge ruled that Joe Shuster’s sister sold the family’s claim on the Superman copyright for a meager pension. Superman may be a modern myth, but that’s not always a good thing.

Big Event Comics Death Fatigue – OR – Cliche Du Jour


By Todd Allen When you send out press releases and lead with a story in the New York Daily News, I can’t call this a spoiler.  Marvel’s killed off another character in a big crossover event and sent out a press release about it ahead of time to try and juice casual sales.  And yet, […]

The Long Dark Eternal September of the Soul


_____________________________________________________________________________ The recent, latest online activism against an online idiot encouraged me to write something which I had been thinking about for awhile. The philosophical musing began when I discovered the following on Wikipedia: Eternal September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Long September) Jump to: navigation, search Eternal September (also September that never […]

Farewell to The Dandy


By Steve Morris Just like every delicious Cow Pie you’ve ever had the pleasure to eat, The Dandy is now reaching an end. One of Britain’s longest-running publications, the comic was released regularly for the past 75 years, coming out almost every week during that time. For context, only two other comics pre-date it, one of […]

The Legal View: Ticket crashes and the Tardis


Ticketfails have become as much a part of fandom as slashfic and cosplay. While PR flubs and angry complaints get a fair bit of attention, the crash of ticket sales for last week’s promotion of a Doctor Who premiere in New York also illustrates the potential for legal problems.

A few thoughts on the legal dimension of online event ticketing — and why it matters — after the jump.

The Legal View: Legal maneuvering on both sides as judge cancels Superman hearing


[On Monday, US District judge Otis Wright cancelled a hearing on the case of the Joe Shuster estate’s claim for his half of the copyright to Superman. This led many observers to think a decision was near. The Beat’s legal expert, Jeff Trexler explains it’s just not that simple.]

The Legal View: Historic Documents in the Siegel & Shuster Lawsuits


By Jeff Trexler

— Whatever the merits of the latest summary judgment motion in the dispute over the Superman copyright, its supporting exhibits bring together a number of important documents in two accessible filings.

The Most Difficult Questions Usually Don't Have Any Answers


Some random thinking on reality, fantasy, life, art, and how they all interact and influence our existence.

The Legal View: "Breaking" old news in the Superman copyright case


By Jeff Trexler

Other comic news sites are reporting a bombshell development in DC’s legal fight to hold onto the Superman copyright: on Monday, the company filed a court document asserting that the Shuster estate had actually sold its share of the Superman copyright back to DC in 1992 and affirmed this sale in subsequent correspondence.

Thursday is Heidi MacDonald Day at The Beat!


Back in July 1982, the Comics Journal ran an article titled “Archetype Meets Angst” by one Heidi D. MacDonald. Thirty years later, during Comic-Con International surrounded by so many people she knows, we here at The Beat celebrate our Editor-In-Chief, and bestow the honorary title of “exemplar”!

Deep, Rewarding Analysis of the Marvel 'Reboot'


Three new titles. A relaunch/reboot/facelift/makeover for the Marvel Universe. Hickman. Bendis. Remender. Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk, Cable and…. Jean Grey? We’re going to have to really get in-depth with these new Marvel titles, you guys.

The Legal View: Retconning the Siegel Case


In my last post, we looked at the attorney-client privilege question addressed by yesterday’s Ninth Circuit ruling in favor of DC. But does a clear victory for DC in a this rather technical legal issue signal a greater loss for the Siegel and Shuster heirs?

The Legal View: Jack Kirby and the Siegel Appeal


Last year a federal court in New York denied the Kirby heirs’ attempt to claim the copyright in Spider-Man and other Marvel properties. Why, then, is their lawyer betting the future of the Siegel lawsuit on the same losing arguments?