Alan Moore Drops Hot New Single


TweetComic book writer Alan Moore has dropped a new single today, available through Occupation Records. His first new recording in a while, it shows a clear new direction for his music, away from shamanistic chanting in the woods of Northampton and more towards William Shatner-style slam poetry. His newest song shows clear his influences, which […]

Good Work, Comics: Post Halloween Edition


TweetNothing is safe anymore, is it? The world was rocked once more this week by a series of pop-culture calamities, proving without a shadow of a doubt that we live in a world where nothing is sacred. Not Amy Winehouse’s wedding dress, nor the good clean fun of a new Will Smith album. While all […]

Pre-Orders for ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ are gigantic; great news


TweetI imagine that most people read articles about comic book sales in a darkened room, in a enclosed and private space – perhaps curtained off – so nobody can see their shame. But comics sales aren’t just for predicting cancellations – in the case of IDW’s forthcoming My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the sales […]

On the Scene: MorrisonCon—how life changing was it?


That’s a lot to promise. When mold-breaking comics retailers James Sime and Kirsten Baldock united with iFanboy podcast host Ron Richards to put together a show—“all magick, no science” as Sime repeated over the weekend—their goal was to dismantle the current model of comic book conventions and build something new in its place.

London Super-Con reveal their starting line-up of guests


TweetBy Steve Morris, UK Correspondent This year London Super-Con surprised us all by netting Stan Lee as the guest of honour in only their first year of existence, leading many to wonder how they were going to top themselves for 2013. And while they haven’t yet announced the guest of honour for their second year, their […]

Inappropriate touching and stalking roundup


In light of recent stalkerish stories, two incidents from last weekend’s PAX video game show, make for disturbing readings.

While it occurred at an event that wasn’t officially affiliated with PAX, the incident recalled by female video game blogger Kyle is perhaps given away by her blog post title: Boundaries and The Penis Incident:

If it's Power Girl this must be Dragon*Con (and PAX)


Labor Day Weekend is a circled on the calendar of free-spirits of all shapes and species, as WorldCon, Burning Man, Dragon*Con and PAX are all on the schedule — no matter what you like to dress up as, there’s definitely a place to parade around and search for someone else dressed up for the ultimate fantasy.

It's Time for that In-Depth Investigation of 'All-Winners Squad' You've Yearned for


Marvel’s best characters (minus Ursa Major) have been assembled into a team for a series of bizarre webisodes online, for poorly-defined reasons which seem to amount to WELL WHY NOT?

SDCC 12: Comic Con Talkback 2012 Summary


The Comic Con International: San Diego holds a Talkback Panel every year to try and figure out what went right and what went wrong. The format of the Talkback Panel does not lend itself to formation of easy narrative. One representative from CCI sits behind a desk and answers questions from the line of convention attendees, taking down notes and suggestions, and responding when necessary. This year, the task fell to John Rogers, President of Comic Con International’s Board of Directors, to moderate the panel.

Adventure Time overwhelms SDCC '12 with cuteness


Check out Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward signing comics for the kiddies at San Diego Comic Con

Wonder Woman and Supergirl Get Married


Phil Jimenez saw something cool today. So he took a photo of it, as Phil Jimenez is wont to do.

Gotham Preacher takes to the streets of Brum to spread the gospel according to Batman


We’re not quite sure who this nutter is, but he knows his Batman. In this video, he’s taken to the streets of Birmingham, UK to comfort those who have walked in the valley of the shadow of Arkham.

It definitely makes sense, once you put it all together.

Take back Nerd Prom!


Washington has stolen our buzzwords! And we won’t take it lying down!

Fans: make your opinions known with the new FanPan consumer input panel


The Bonfire Agency came on the scene a year ago with some great ideas for giving all levels of the comics industry more information; this month they are spotlighting one of the best, FanPan, a consumer input panel of 500 pop culture users and influencers. It’s free to join FanPan, but brands and products can then avail themselves of FanPan input to test how their products will be received by the highly vocal and internet-savvy early adopters.

C2E2: Wedding proposal takes place in front of the AVENGERS poster


Via Omg Dj Judy and Agent M. Did she say yes? Unknown.

Question of the day: "Where can I see DC or Marvel comics online for free?"


Yahoo Answers….the raw id of our unknowledge….the cry for help in a darkling plain of the unknown. Some lass named Jann wandered in there and asked: