Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


Tweet Here are some comics to get you in the mood for hot dogs and fireworks. And some videos.

Catch up on your comics history with The Superhero Reader


Tweet The University Press of Mississippi has published many excellent scholarly works on comics and here’s a new one: The Superhero Reader, a volume of critical essays edited by Charles Hatfield, Jeet Heer, and Kent Worcester with a cover by Dean Haspiel. After reading the description, I’m sold. The book is available now. The Superhero […]

Alan Moore talks Superman in Occupy Comics: “The seamy and disreputable practices of comics past”


Tweet  The second issue of Occupy Comics is coming, they’ve sent out an lengthy excerpt of a lengthier essay by Moore on Superman, comics Original Sin and more.   Excerpts from BUSTER BROWN AT THE BARRICADES by Alan Moore [excerpt from Part 3] Cover of “Spicy Mystery Stories.” December 1935. With the end of Prohibition during 1933, […]

The week in women: do we write about gender issues too much?


Tweet I had about 20 posts in various stages on gender issues this week…let’s put them all into one big roil, complete with shocking personal confessions: § Villain Month is for boys: When the New 52 rolled out two years ago (!?!) it was pointed out that there was a lone female creator: inker Sandra […]

Comics History in Photos: Stan Lee and Jenette Kahn at Temple University in 1978


Tweet In 1978 Stan Lee was the publisher of Marvel Comics, and Jenette Kahn was the publisher of DC, and together they made a speech at Temple University on the occasion of the oversized epic Superman Vs Muhammed Ali, which was termed of equal value to the Sistine Chapel. I like that comic, but even […]

Meet Kate Lane: the early days of Siegel and Shuster


Brad Ricca digs into Siegel and Shuster comics from More Fun and Fun Comics that featurevarious precursors to Lois Lane from comics they did before Superman.

Poisoned Chalice Part 14: Back to Marvelman


Tweet[Previous chapters: 1 to 8 - 1953 – 1985 Roundup, 9 - The Dawn of Eclipse, 10 - Alan Moore at Eclipse, 11 - The Twilight of Eclipse, 12 - All About Angela, 13 - More Angela, More Courtrooms, and Much More Todd] In Prince of Stories, towards the end of the chapter on Neil […]

Retro Zeus Comics line is now on Kickstarter


Tweet   Note: This Zeus Comics is in no way associated with the well known Texas store Zeus Comics. Back on April 1, we told you about Zeus Comics—a purported line of salacious 50s comics that had recently been rediscovered. Given the date and people involved we correctly deduced it was an elaborate April Fools […]

Poisoned Chalice Part 12: All About Angela


Tweet[Previous chapters: 1 to 8 - 1953 – 1985 Roundup, 9 - The Dawn of Eclipse, 10 - Alan Moore at Eclipse, 11 - The Twilight of Eclipse] In February 1992 Todd McFarlane, along with six others, announced the founding of Image Comics, after having failed to negotiate more favourable terms for themselves at Marvel […]

Poisoned Chalice Part 11: The Twilight of Eclipse


TweetAlthough Alan Moore had finished with Miracleman, it wasn’t the end of the character, or the comic. Knowing he was nearing the end of his story, Moore had rung up Neil Gaiman and asked him if he wanted to take over the title. Talking to Kurt Amacker of the Mania.com website in September 2009, Moore […]

Cartoonists visit Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, stand in stunned wonder


The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum is the largest collection of comics and comics art in the world. In this charming video by Julie Sokolow, curator Caitlin McGurk leads lucky cartoonists Ed Piskor, Jasen Lex, and Jim Rugg on a magical history tour as they gasp in awe at Bushmiller, Schulz and Kubert originals…as who would not. Along the way the joyous news that the facility will be moving from it’s current 7000 sq. ft. to a massive 40,000 sq. ft. facility this fall. Not that’s progress.

Superman and Lois Lane are 75 today


Action Comics #1 was published 75 years ago today

Poison Chalice Interlude: 1953 – 1985 Roundup and Some Notes on Copyright


TweetSo far, this history of Marvelman – more correctly called Poisoned Chalice: The Extremely Long and Incredibly Complex Story of Marvelman – has taken nine chapters – well, eight chapters plus an introduction – to tell the story of the events that led up to the creation of Marvelman; the story of the actual creation […]

WonderCon 2013: Tarzan tells a tale of Tiger at Warner Bros. Pulp TV Panel


TweetA powerful looking Ron Ely, star of the TV’s “Tarzan”(1966-1968) and “Doc Savage: Man of Bronze” (1975) spellbound his audience at WonderCon Friday, relating his fight with a wild tiger.  According to Ely, “The Script read: Tarzan sees tiger, Tarzan fights tiger, Tarzan and tiger walkaway in opposite directions with mutual respect.” Instead of firing […]

On the Scene: Unpacking comics history at the Asbury Park Comicon 2013


The secrets of Stan Lee’s hair and other tidbits from comics history at the just concluded Asbury Park Comicon.

24 Hours of Women Cartoonists: Helen Hokinson


Women’s History month is wrapping up, but we at The Beat don’t feel we celebrated it properly, so for the next 24 hours most of the Beat staff is collaborating on “24 Hours of Women Cartoonists” to spotlight some of our favorite creators.