31 Days of Halloween: Mary Shelley vs Frankenstein


By Finnish artist Janne Tervamäki. Via Boing Being.

Superheroes top costumes for Halloween


The Avengers, and Honey Boo Boo are topping this year’s Halloween costumes popularity chart, say retailers, with sales generally up this year. At Spirit Halloween in Pensacola, Manager Susan Spencer said bestselling adult costumes, meaning 15 or more sold, include superhero characters from such 2012 hits as The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, as […]

31 Days of Halloween: Scream Nancy


This is frightening on so many levels. Jason is doing Nancy horror mash-ups., as reported by Mike Baehr. You can see more here.:

31 Days of Halloween: Gary Leib’s Desert Island storefront


We were stunned by last year’s spectacular Halloween display by Gary Leib at Brooklyn’s own Desert Island Comics, and he’s back for 2012 with an all new display. Leib has lots more Halloween goodness at his tumblr.

31 Days of Halloween: Frankenweenie movie posters


Disney released these swell classic movie posters in the style of tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, which opened earlier this month. But it’s still in the spirit of the season!

31 Days of Halloween: Make your own Lego Superhero Costumes


Better than just Legos. Better than just superheroes. SUPERHERO LEGO HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, as constructed by one family. You will need to go to Lowe’s for a lot of supplies, but the results are convincing.

31 Days of Halloween: Stephanie Buscema


Stephanie Buscema is the Crown Princess of Halloween. Her Cute Ghouls are just one reason why. Click around her site and you’ll soon realize no one does the cute and the spooky better.

31 Days of Halloween: Bobby Timony’s Casper Rider



31 Days of Halloween: Ikea Strala Haunted Forest


Okay two of our favoritest things in one post — Halloween and Ikea. No, it’s not the existential dread of assembling a Målm. It’s a hack of an old lamp painted black and turned into a ghostie forest! Brrrrrr.

Announcement: 31 days of Halloween is beginning next week!


It’s the spooky, chilling time of year, when pumpkin muffins are consumed and woolen scarves are brought from the closet. As in years past we’ll be

Halloween Supplemental: Chris Ware's House


Just as we dreamed about it.
very envious of his autumn leaves. Here all we get is snow for Halloween.

Unemployed superheroes hit Occupy Wall Street


Snowtober didn’t drive them away, and now that the weather has warmed up again, Occupy Wall Street is going strrong — and now with added superheroes. but not just any superheroes, but the characters from THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN, a GN anthology that came out last year. Written by Gan Golan and Erich Origen, the book was way ahead of all this 1% vs 99% rhetoric with the story of an unemployed man who gathers a team of misfit superheroes to fight the self-interested villains from the Hall of Just Us. (And why not be way ahead of it since income inequality has been a looming issue for years?)

24 Hours of Halloween: Chernabog


Must survive until daybreak!

24 Hours of Halloween: Hellboy


Let’s face it, nothing says Halloween like Hellboy by Mike Mignola.

24 Hours of Halloween: "Ghost Town" by the Specials


At a time of similar hopelessness and when people are actually asking if Brutalist architecture contributed to the UK Riots, it’s good to revisit this classic from the Specials. When I first watched this video I thought it was a modern remake as it looks so current and timeless, but apparently it’s from 1981, and directed by the late Barney Bubbles, a designer who killed himself a few years later.

24 Hours of Halloween: MARGOT'S ROOM by Emily Carroll


If Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween costumes, Emily Carroll is now the queen of Halloween webcomics. Following last year’s “His Face All Red
Carroll has created MARGOT’S ROOM, an interactive comic that is guaranteed to give you the creeps.

Read the poem on the first page and then click in the proper order on the main image…if you read this after dark we DARE you not to feel a chill.