The cost of art theft: from Spike Lee to Rachel Dukes


I’m sure over the holiday you heard about how graphic designer Juan Luis Garcia presented pretty compelling evidence that his striking design for a poster for the Oldboy remake was shamelessly ripped off by studio Film District. When Garcia complained, director Spike Lee didn’t seem too sympathetic: I Never Heard Of This Guy Juan Luis […]

Must read: Spike’s Everything I Know


Cartoonist C. Spike Trotman is one of the most self-assured creators we’ve ever met. Whether it’s her long running webcomic Templar, AZ or her guide to living on a little money, Poorcraft, or her mastery of crowdfunding or anything else, she has one of the sharpest business senses around. She just posted a new 24 […]

NYCC ’13 Panel Recap: From Creator to Consumer


I have a number of panel recaps to write up for you all, so you should expect them to occupy the next few days on the site – and we start with a panel from the ICv2 conference held before the convention opened. Called ‘Comics First!’, the majority of the focus of the conference was […]

Breaking news: Cartoonist gets paying job!!!!


The unthinkable has happened. A cartoonist has been hired for a job that pays a living wage. Instead of heating up old shoe leather to serve with his peanut butter, he’ll be able to invest in a George Foreman grill and serve grilled chicken on his top ramen, just like the serving suggestion on the […]

That time that comics didn’t die


For some reason, this post I wrote in February 2012 popped up on my feed; it was called Comics Crisis: Doujinshi Nation and at the time, people seemed to think that Gary Friedrich’s loss in his Ghost Rider suit—and Marvel’s subsequently telling him he owed them $17,000 for selling unauthorized Ghost Rider merch was viewed […]

Keith Knight offers new subscription service


Even as Matt Bors has been making the rounds telling us how editorial cartooning is dead (which is it) enterprising cartoonists such as Ruben Bolling and Stephanie McMillan have been fihting back by offering “subscription services” for their work—and it’s been working. So now the extremely busy Keith Knight is joining them with his own […]

Jim Lee asks the hard question: top artists of the last five years?

Chris Burnham's Officer Downe

Tonight’s dinner topic: Who are your 3 favorite new artists who have emerged in the past 5 years? — Jim Lee (@JimLee) June 20, 2013 In a tweet the other night, DC co-publisher Jim Lee asked a question I’ve seen kicked around a few times. You can see the answers in this link. Dan DiDio […]

Note to artists: “Don’t give it away!”


While the benefits of giving all your art away for free on Tumblr and deviantART are well known, you still shouldn’t give it away for free to an entity that is otherwise profiting, says artist Mike Hawthorne in one of those occasional reminders that creative folks are the lowest on the food chain: Please bear […]

Today’s money breakdown from the Penny Arcade Report: paying for journalism with panty shots


The Penny Arcade Report is a video game news and commentary site run by….well, we’ll let you figure it out. Yesterday editor Ben Kuchera ran down the economics of running a website in dollars and cents. Although he’s talking about video games, it all applies equally to comics journalism:

Neil Gaiman and The Beat think exactly alike: “Nobody knows.”


Coinciding brilliantly with our post yesterday on the nagging uncertainty of making a career in future media, world-renowned best selling author Neil Gaiman said pretty much exactly the same thing in a keynote address at the London Book Fair which urged everyone to just try new shit (we’re paraphrasing) to find what works:

Comics…it was the worst of times


In the Brian Hibbs column I quoted in my previous post, he also wrote this: We also live in an industry where a significant number of comics being published today are probably not making a living wage for anyone involved — comics that sell just five thousand copies into a national market are probably netting […]

Quote of the day: Robert Kirkman on career planning


“As more people are able to make a living doing it, I think we’re moving into an atmosphere were creators are able to define their careers more than creators in the past have been able to,” he observes. “Relying on Marvel and DC is no longer becoming a viable option, because the contracts aren’t viable […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/20/13: Spring Cleaning


Making a living at Random House, saving a statue, listening to Al Jaffee

Must read: Chuck Austen’s advice to Tokyopop creators: ‘Move on’


With Toykopop hovering somewhere between somethingness and nothingness, one thing is certain: owner Stu Levy will never give the creators back their books as long as he might be able to leverage them in Hollywood. Fair enough; he paid the money and the creators signed those bad contracts. In case you came in late, back […]

Jerry Ordway again


The case of Jerry Ordway — a talented veteran artist who is not getting as much work as he should— continues to resonate. It isn’t really about Jerry Ordway. it’s about comics, and about the manny many aspirants and passers by and the few who are called. Mark Evanier addresses the odds:

Break into comics with Neal Adams, Kevin Smith, and the million dollar UcreateComics — UPDATED


…and then take a long, long time to finish them. Just kidding. This new buddy pictures in the making will tour four cities as part of the UcreateComics Big Break Tour, starting in NYC on May 4th, 2013. (That’s also Free Comic Book Day.) And who is UcreateComics, you ask? According to the PR “a […]