SPX 2012: the last photo bomb

Pat Barrett, Dakota McFadzean, Beth Hetland

TweetBY JEN VAUGHN – These photos are photos that SHOULD be out on the internet somewhere instead of sitting on my phone. Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, and Charles Burns are all fantastic and so very polite, but take a peak at the cartoonists and talent (younger and not as polite) who […]

A Little Adventure Time


TweetYou don’t always have to think big when you decide to be awesome. When an artist named Oviot decided to pay tribute to Adventure Time, she elected to do so on the smallest scale imaginable. And when I say small, I’m talking about… ooh, around 1cm. Incredibly, she’s rendered miniature figurines of Finn, Jake, and […]

Wonder Woman and Supergirl Get Married


Phil Jimenez saw something cool today. So he took a photo of it, as Phil Jimenez is wont to do.

MoCCAFest 2012 wraps up in pictures


Well, we had a swell (and swollen) time at this year’s MoCCA Fest as usual. We’ll be along with some observations and books we got presently, but for the full flava here’s aphotoset assembled by Jeff Newelt covering the show as well as two events for Harvey Pekar’s CLEVELAND Harvey Pekar’s CLEVELAND. MoCCA photos are by Shahriar Shadab, Strand photos are by Winslow Porter.

C2E2 2012: The Virgin Experience: A 27-Year-Old’s First Time…Now With Pictures!


Remember your first time? Wish you had taken pictures? Well, special correspondent J. Parker Adair certainly remembers his first time, and he took lots of pictures!

Photos: When cartoonists dressed like Don Draper


As part of a tribute to the late, great* Jerry Robinson, Mike Lynch has scanned in some of his old National Cartoonist Society programs — comic strips in the Madmen era!

BTW, he’s pretty hard to even recognize Robinson in these photos, but that’s him on the left with the glasses.

First Look at NYCC: Photos from the set-up


Special Ops Beat Correspondent Torsten has already been on the floor for NYCC set-up and filed the following report:

Baltimore Comic-Con Photo Parade


It’s been a long time since I posted an arty Hipstamatic photo dump — and I know you missed it!

The Watchtower: Comic-Con — The Spectacle


Showing, not telling, as I post selected photos from around the Web.

Amazing MAD photo gallery at LIFE.com


Wow, we’ve linked to some amazing LIFE Magazine photo galleries before, but here is a doozy:MAD Magazine: A Semi-Secret History with photos of MAD founder Bill Gaines from the files of current editor John Ficarra. LIFE made a few images available, but each is accompanied by Ficarra’s commentary on the site with even more history and insight.

HeroesCon Frolic — Fri-Sat


From drink ‘n’ draw to the White Party.

The few looks of cosplay Black Widow


While we were poking around UGO we came upon this surprisingly lengthy gallery of Hot Black Widow Cosplay. Well maybe not to surprising — all you need is a black catsuit, some wrist thingies, a red wig and a good figure and you too can fight for SHIELD.

MoCCA 2011: The Photo parade


YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! Please help with photo IDs!

If Tony Millionaire did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him


Just sayin’.

Modern children at the modern newsstand


If there’s one thing comics bloggers love, it’s those old B&W photos from Life Magazine showing kids reading comics–proof of a simpler time when children read things, bananas were a vegetable, and your real father dropped off a bottle of milk at your mom’s house every day. Well, recently on the LA Times Southern California Moments feature of reader-submitted photos we came across what looks to be a contemporary example of the genre:

We should use this more often


We totally forgot about this photo from 2008 NYCC. It was taken by Vaneta Rogers but the original is gone.

So useful!