INTERVIEW: Jordan D. White reveals the secrets of editing


If you’re a fan of the X-Men, then you should thank editor Jordan D. White for handling them so well. Marvel’s finest moustache has been busy working within the X-Men office for several years now, editing titles like Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine & The X-Men, Uncanny X-Force, and many others. Before then, he worked on a variety of […]

It's Time for that In-Depth Investigation of 'All-Winners Squad' You've Yearned for


Marvel’s best characters (minus Ursa Major) have been assembled into a team for a series of bizarre webisodes online, for poorly-defined reasons which seem to amount to WELL WHY NOT?

Kieron Gillen Launches a Podcast


In which Kieron Gillen interviews Jason Aaron about writing comic books.

HeroesCon interview: Francesco Francavilla


by Jimmy Aquino, Comic News Insider, Special to The Beat

I sat down with old pal and amazing artist Francesco Francavilla on Sunday at HeroesCon. Always a great interview, Francesco and I talked about his recent work on Batman,  upcoming Captain America/Black Widow mini-series, The Black Beetle, cover work, Comic Twart, What Not, and his genuine love for cartooning. You can check out other great interviews I got at HeroesCon over at the Comic News Insider (my podcast) site! 

TO DO TONIGHT NYC: Comic News Insider's 400th Episode


The Beat will be making a special announcement on tonight’s episode! What can it be?

A New Year's Gift From The Beat!


Listen to Heidi MacDonald, The Beat herself, discuss 2011 in comics on a special year-end edition of More To Come, the PW Comics World podcast! As you may or may not know, Heidi has been one of the hosts of our bi-weekly comics news podcast for the past several months. In this episode, Heidi MacDonald and her co-hosts PW Comics World editor Calvin Reid and I discuss the biggest trends and events of the past year, including…

Catch The Beat on Comic News Insider


My voice is back enough to podcast! A miracle! Check out this week’s Comic News Insider Episode 322 – Walking The Beat with Heidi MacDonald in which I co-host with Jimmy Aquino:

Paul Duffield on motion comics


FREAKANGELS artist Paul Duffield, who has a background in animation, shares some informed thoughts on motion comics proving that there is more you can say about the hybrid form than “Yuck.” However, there is a conceptual problem, he says.

The Dan Clowes Show and multimedia


Should comics panels be written about or recorded for all to hear?

This panel report from APE of Dan Nadel interviewing Daniel Clowes has been linked everywhere, probably because it’s such a thorough write-up. There’s lots of dish on other cartoonists, and anecdotes from the history of alt.comix:

Podcast alley: Comic News Insider #300


Podcasters Jimmy Aquino and Joe Gonzalez and their long running Comic News Insider podcast are big supporters of The Beat, and the feeling is mutual, so we were happy to go down and put in an appearance on their Gala 300th Episode But we were in fantastic company: Kevin Maguire (JLA), Kate Beaton (HARK! A VAGRANT), Veronica Taylor (voice of Ash from Pokemon), Michael Emerson (Ben Linus from Lost), Molly Crabapple (Dr. Sketchy’s), and Ben McCool aka FMB (CHOKER) were also on the show. Beaton did a long interview that revealed her construction site past, and everyone else was equally informative. Good times!

ICv2 Digital & Comics Conference audio: Print vs Digital


Another jam packed and fascinating discussion among people who have a lot to say. NYC participants: Print vs. Digital–War, Co-existence, or Collaboration Publishers, retailers, and others on how the digital revolution will impact on print sales. – Ted Adams, CEO of IDW Publishing – Eric Beaulieu, Vice President Premedia, Transcontinental Transmedia – Dave Bowen, Director […]



Jeremy Bastian’s CURSED PIRATE GIRL is one of those comics in periodical format that in an earlier era probably would have gotten a great deal of support as an independent project by a talented cartoonist with a distinctive vision, kinda steampunk, kinda old school illustration. However, in a day and age inhospitable to the serial […]

Chimpanzee That, Monkey News


Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, while plugging his new movie, THE INVENTION OF LYING, Ricky Gervais showed a drawing of the character designs for his upcoming HBO animated series (based on the podcasts he did with partner Stephen Merchant and bald Manc Karl Pilkington). Ricky looks remarkably like Fred Flintstone. Steve is tall. And […]

Did Val discover the D.W. Griffith of motion comics?



Vringo offers superhero ringtones


Via PR: VringoTM, the next-generation ringtone pioneer, and Marvel Entertainment have announced a collaboration to create and distribute mobile videos and video ringtones based on Marvel’s legendary library of Super Heroes.  The project kicks off today with the U.S. launch of a storefront and Web-based editing platform ( dedicated to letting fans purchase ready-made mobile […]

SD09: Panel audio files now up


Jamie Coville has now uploaded a ton of panels from Comic-Con, including many of our must-sees which we didn’t: Secret Origins of Comic-Con. (61.8mb, 67:32) Participants of the first and early San Diego Comic cons tell their stories of how it all began. Panelist include Richard Alf, Greg Bear, Dave Clark, Ken Krueger, Mike Towry, […]