Free Genndy Tartakovsky's Luke Cage Comic!


While he was out junketing for HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, animation genius Genndy Tartakovsky was asked about his Luke Cage mini series for Marvel that was announced in 2007. While you would have guessed that it was just a cool idea that never got very far, Tartakovsky drops the bomb:

And now….topless Jack Kirby


It’s “see half dressed Marvel gods day” at the Beat!

Youth uses Wolverine claws to injure comrade


Here’s a new one for the comics-related crime blotter: A Utah teen has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault after he used replica Wolverine claws to attack a friend.

No one knows why Kristofer Ryan Huff, 19, set into his 20-year-old roommate with the claws….and also a knife. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that the victim was dating Huff’s mother, who was also injured in the attack.

HYPE: Joe Palooka goes to IDW


This is firmly under the HYPE banner since I was a publishing consultant for this project, but Ham Fisher’s venerable boxing-themed comic strip character has been updated to an MMA-fighter for IDW’s Joe Palooka, the brain storm of boxing announcer Joe Antonacci, along with Mike Bullock, Fernando Peniche and Matt Triano. In the story, Joe Palooka is a discredited MMA fighter who travels the world desperately trying to clear his name while fighting to earn a spot in the legendary “Legion of Combat,” worldwide fight series.

Webcomics alert: the ORIGINAL Time Bum by Michael Kupperman


Because bums are always funny, we couldn’t resists linking to the Jef UK/ Paul Ahern webcomics Time Bum earlier today. But then we were reminded via Twitter that the great Michael Kupperman already did a Time Bum comic which you can read here and here and here and here.

Is there really a book about comics that is called "100 Baddest Mother F*ckers in Comics"?


Yes, there is.

And Power Man is on the cover.

The Situation comic is "fully charged and ready to go."


Because there were not enough well-muscled guys in comic books, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is getting his own comic book, to be published by Wizard World and MPS Entertainment. The cover for the book—which will be released at Wizard World Chicago—has just been revealed and it’s by Greg Horn. The interiors have been fashioned by Paul Jenkins, Talent Caldwell, and Paul Mounts.

Nice Art: La Luz de Jesus Presents Rogue Taxidermy 2012


The link is probably NSFW and some of the pieces are VERY disturbing. And mesmerizing.

Dandelion Seeds: Comic Shop Crawl


How far would you walk for a copy of your favorite comic? Would you do it with a group of friends? How about a road trip? People wander in pub crawls, sometimes in costume, so why not do it for comics instead of cheap beer?

Not A Hoax! Not An Imaginary Story!


Grant Morrison will present Mxyzptlk as a Kryptonian God of Chaos, in direct contrast to Brainiac, a God of Order. Both will battle across multiple dimensions (as hypothesized by String Theory), forming the “brane” of his long-awaited “Multiversity” epic.

March Mayhem at Stately Beat Manor!


Cursing the basketball gods because your bracket is broken? Searching for a tournament bracket which better suits your knowledge base? We present a multitude of 2012 non-sports tournaments, from popular culture, food, and corporate America!

Lego versions of Road House and the Bible make life worth living


If you have been around the nerdier sectors of the net in the last decade you have surely seen The Brick Testament, by Brendan Powell Smith a loving recreation of the BIble’s most gruesome, perverted and vengeful moment rendered in Lego brick men and women.

What you may NOT have known is that the whole glorious thing is coming out this month in a paperback from Skyhorse.

Terrifying earthquake hits Stately Beat Manor


Yeah like the rest of you East Coasters, we just had a little wee temblor. My mind refused to believe it was happening, preferring to think that it was a big truck driving by or the Second Avenue Subway rattling by…except that doesn’t exist just yet. Having been in the Northridge quake, I knew it wasn’t serious…yet, but the idea of the piles of books in Stately Beat Manor tumbling down filled my heart with dread. But the cat didn’t even wake up.

Hope the folks closer to the epicenter are okay. Virginian Colleen Doran tweeted:

Fight! Grant Morrison vs Chris Ware


Well not really a fight, more of a strafing run, since it’s unlikly Chris Ware will ever be asked about Grant Morrison in an interview. While on his voluble book publicity tour, Scottish superstar Grant Morrison continues to drop quotable bombs to be picked up by websites worldwide. Today the battlefield is Rolling Stone, where he comes clean on Chris Ware; the Acme Novelty Library genius, known for his grim vivisection of human futility, is not Morrison’s cuppa Earl Grey tea.

AVENGERS movie update: Thor and Captain America brawl on the streets


We don’t need us to tell you that it’s tough times in the heartland of America these days. Slowing manufacturing, a recession that never really ended in some places, and a recovery that has failed to ignite.

Luckily, one thing has come to the Steel belt to liven things up — superhero movies. With Batman filming in Pittsburgh, Superman in Chicago, and now The Avengers in Cleveland (standing in for NYC? Ooooooookay) it’s been boom times for photographers.

Here’s the latest Avengers leaked photos, showing Cap and Thor battling mocapped Hydra or someone goons.

Watch Harrison Ford rip the head off Papa Smurf


The feud between dueling comics movies COWBOYS & ALIENs and THE SMURFS erupted in violence last night when COWBOYS star Harrison Ford ripped the head off a stuffed Papa Smurf handed to him my late night chat host Conan O’Brien.

Ford’s rage may have been misplaced, as COWBOYS AND ALIENS eventually edged SMURFS at the box office by a million buckaroonies or so.

If nothing else, the incident set up a dandy idea for a sequel: COWBOYS VS LITTLE BLUE PEOPLE.