Disney acquires Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion


Details are still emerging, but Disney chairman Bob Iger has just announced Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion. It was a cash-and-stock deal that has probably left George Lucas an ultra-kabillionaire. (That’s $500 million more than they paid for Marvel, for those keeping score.) Disney and George Lucas’s Star Wars universe have had many […]

How the New 52 saved comics


It’s nearly a year later, and retailer Brian Hibbs is first out of the gate with an analysis of the New 52, a year later and he says it was good. An attached chart shows all the books up significantly for the year, and more importantly, as Bob Wayne promised at Comic-Con last year, the New 52 actually enlarged the pie with some new readers:

DC launches new website, urges fans to do what they already do naturally


As many have noted, DC rolled out its brand spanking new website yesterday, with a whole new look, new logo and new commenting system. Among the many improvements, new sections for major characters, and subsections for videos, live social media updating and the like. (What, no Pinterest?) The site seems to be the work of the West Coast branding/web team, and although useful and streamlined, it does match the corporate vibe of a lot of DC rollouts of late.

Comics Crisis: Doujinshi Nation


Wow! All hell has broken loose in comic book-land! Last week’s surfeit of Aquarian-born comics creators created a busy circuit of birthday parties, and if I had a dime for every time the name “Gary Friedrich” came up, his legal fees would be paid.

IP Wars are breaking out everywhere.Why here, why now? As always, follow the money. The most visible and lucrative segment of comics industry has, since the great distribution collapse of the ’90s, been primarily in the IP business. Entire comics companies have sprung up just to create movie storyboards masquerading as comics. Big media corporations outfit swanky offices just for the purpose of developing existing IP. It’s become a cottage industry. No wonder then, that controlling and profiting from IP has become THE major preoccupation of the comics industry from the CEO selling movies to the colorist selling prints.

Of Mice and Men and Cedalion


So, this weekend in Anaheim (home of Disneyland), the D23 Expo is taking place.

Dedicated to All Things Disney, this show will feature Marvel Comics for the first time, with appearances by Joe Quesada, Kevin Feige, and Marvel creators.

Joe Quesada will be hosting a panel on Sunday, at 10:15 AM.

I hope someone pulls a “Batgirl” and questions Mr. Quesada about the “legends” of Marvel, and how Marvel honors their contributions to Marvel’s legacy. Given the concentrated nature of the fan-fest at “The Happiest Place on Earth”, it is very unlikely. So I’ll ask them here!

Inside the brand spankin’ new DC West Coast Offices


Yesterday marked the first day at the official offices for DC Entertainment West, in Burbank, at a swanky new building called The Pointe. How swanky? It’s got an extra “e”on the end for super-swank. DC’s SVP Hank Kanalz was very excited about the day:

I cannot describe the excitement we all have on day one. Positively electric!

And well he should be. After looking at a series of pictures he tweeted, you can see that the DC west coast office, complete with archives and bullpen, is now the new and shiny HQ for all things DC. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

WildStorm: The last lunch


It’s a week of changes for DC. The last remnants of those who are moving West have packed up shop, and the WildStorm offices in La Jolla are closing for good, ending nearly 20 years of history, innovation and comics.

To mark the event, an alumni lunch was held. Apparently the turnout was insane. The final group shot awaits, but above is a sampling, with Hank Kanalz, John Nee, and Carla and Jim Lee. Jim Lee tweeted:

DC’s New 52 promo video with Lee and Morrison promises us NEW things


Seeing as how it was somehow unearthed by Bleeding Cool, there is no way of knowing where this video featuring all of DC’s major editorial players save Geoff John talking about the relaunch was created for. It’s definitely aimed at consumers, but the actual venue we may never know. Or it may never have been released.

The video shows Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Eddie Berganza, Bob Harras, and special guest star Grant Morrison each uttering the word “new” about 30 times each. Our impressions is that they want us to know that this is a NEW initiative and a NEW way of doing things. It’s NEW.

The week in preview


It’s been a furious few weeks of action here at Stately Beat Manor and around the comics intertubes as everyone scrambles to cover the DC Relaunch and What It Means. I’ve been as obsessed as anyone, although some of the fruits of my labor have yet to be posted. And of course, San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner (less than four weeks) so things are about to get even busier and even crazier is such a thing is possible.

And it is.

DC Entertainment gets shiny new Burbank offices


DC Entertainment is an important part of the Warners Stable, and although they won’t be headquartered on the lot, they are getting offices in a swanky new building just up the street, THR reports. An unnamed number of employees will be moving into the second floor of The Pointe, at 2900 Alameda Ave., conveniently located between the Warners lot and the Disney lot and catty-corner to NBC.

What does GREEN LANTERN’s box-office mean for DC Entertainment?


Meanwhile, back at the box office, GREEN LANTERN debuted at #1 with $52.6 million, less than THOR and even X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. As the Times put it: “An all-hands-on-deck effort by Warner Brothers to turn “Green Lantern” into a box office superpower fizzled over the weekend.” With a budget of a reported $300 million, dreadful reviews and a big Friday-to-Saturday drop-off, GL’s task as the advance guard for a new generation of movies based on DC characters has been made much more difficult.

JMS: "Reboot was DiDio's dream"


On his Facebook page, JMS praises DC’s plan to relaunch its superhero line and gives a hint of the backstory.

Point/Counterpoint: Readers speak on DCU changes


[Earlier today we ran an essay by longtime Beat contributor Mark Coale on The DC Flashpoint Reboot. In it he stated he was going to stop reading DC entirely. In the interests of fairness, we reached out to find readers who are excited about the changes. We’ve gotten several great responses and we’ll run them over the next day or so. And yes we’ll get back to non-DC news very very soon!}

DC's new line: What we know, what we're saying


Why is it that the biggest news always happens right after a holiday weekend? 18 months ago, it was Disney buying Marvel after Labor Day; this time, it’s the biggest editorial readjustment at a superhero comics company EVER: DC’s just announced plan to launch 52 new #1 issues in September, with changed or adjusted characters, costumes and and origins. Here’s what you need to know, the confirmed and the speculation.

First, what we know: The whole new line up will be announced on Monday, June 13th, when the Previews for that month is released. Until then, expect to see breaking news in national news outlets and on The Source.

First look at the entire, new, high-collared JLA


The complete image of the new Johns-Lee rebooted JLA has surfaced (apparently at IGN) and it’s clear that we have a “Big Seven” of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Most of the new costumes involved higher collars. Superman has a new logo and no trunks over his tights. There are lots of other details, but when we mentioned earlier that these characters looked about the same we meant it — these are tweaks on the traditional (Super Friends, licensing) looks for these characters, not huge changes.

Creators and retailers respond to the huge DC news


From around the Twitterverse, an array of reactions to DC’s news that they are reboot their line in September and going to simultaneous digital release. New comics universes are a dime a dozen, but the digital news is really a game changer — it’s hard not to see every other publishers following suit quickly.

The next big announcement for this move would seem to be June 11, when Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are expected to “drop bombshells” at the Hero Complex Film Festival. Although HeroesCon, one of the bigger shows on the circuit, is this weekend, there are no official DC panels so no big announcements. Executive Editor Eddie Berganza is attending however, so catch him on the bar and hope he didn’t sign an NDA.