Buccellato Revives The Black Bat For Dynamite


The Black Bat was a pulp detective hero that appeared in roughly 40 stories from 1939 to 1953.  It came out roughly the same time as Batman and both creators claimed the other other was stealing from him, though they may have both been influenced by the same sources.  The Black Bat, much like the […]

NYCC: Nick Spencer and Luke Ross Relaunch Secret Avengers


You can never have too many Avengers, as today Nick Spencer, Luke Ross and Matthew Wilson were revealed as the creative team for a relaunch of ‘Secret Avengers’. The black-ops team invented by Ed Brubaker will be reinvented once more under Spencer’s pen, with a line-up which includes many ties to the Avengers movie: Nick […]

Valiant’s Shadowman in Film Development; JMS Attached as Screenwriter


And the transmedia streak continues.  Valiant has confirmed the Deadline| Hollywood report to me that a Shadowman film is indeed in pre-production.

NYCC: Andy Diggle to write Third Act of Thief of Thieves; Continue Ubiquity


Not content with Action Comics, Dynamite, Doctor Who (NEVER Dr) and 2000AD, writer Andy Diggle was today announced as the third writer for Image’s Thief of Thieves. Run like a TV serial – and currently planned to be an actual TV serial – the premise of the series was created by Robert Kirkman, who acts […]

Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder Have New Series, Unwritten Invades Fables and Other Vertigo Announcements


The big announcement at DC’s vertigo panel looks to be the announcement of new series from Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder, two Vertigo creator pulled over to the DCU side of things for the New 52 relaunch.  Lemire had the surprise book of the relaunch in Animal Man.  Snyder’s Batman has emerged as the DCU’s top gun and […]

Future of Valiant Highlights


At the Future of Valiant panel, Valiant is continuing to build out their universe.  This isn’t incredibly different from how the original Valiant universe sprung up.  Perhaps, this is at a slightly slower pace.  If you’ve been reading the Valiant titles in the last couple months, you’ll have noticed the world building leaking over between […]

Oni Announcements Round Up: Sixth Gun Spin-Off,


Oni Press sent out one of the longest press releases I’ve seen in my life, coming on the heels of their Sixth Gun TV deal, but that’s OK.  I’m here to pull out the good bits for you.

Matt Wagner On The Shadow: Year One


The Shadow, as a pulp character, turned up fully formed.  Anything in his past was told as a flashback.  A bit of background here, a little bit there and a fair amount was left in the… shadows.  Dynamite is going to be exploring The Shadow’s Origins in The Shadow: Year One in 2013.  Getting into untold origins […]

Bionic Crossover in January


Back when they were on the air, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman used to periodically crossover.  Two of the more memorable occasions were “The Return of Bigfoot” and “Kill Oscar” (the three-part Fembot epic that Mike Myers must have found memorable). In January, Dynamite will launch the comic book version of […]

Peter Panzerfaust To the BBC in TV / Transmedia Adaption


Did I mention there was a lot of comics to TV news in the wake of NYCC?  Well, here’s another bit.  Peter Panzerfaust, the Image/Shadowline  series that’s essentially Peter Pan vs. Nazis has been picked up by the BBC.  

Fred Van Lente Writing a Zombie Title For Dynamite

He looks so innocent...

Fred Van Lente’s been getting some pretty good reviews (even from me) for his Archer & Armstrong title over at Valiant.  Fred’s next move is to Dynamite for an as-yet unnamed zombie comic.  No stranger to zombies, Fred was the guy who stepped in for Robert Kirkman on the Marvel Zombies series of mini-series.

NBC’s Grimm To Be Comic From Dynamite


The ink is barely dry on the contract, but Dynamite has reached an agreement with NBC Universal to make Grimm a comic.  

Cornell Off Demon Knights, Venditti Taking Over


If it’s a convention week, you can expect creative team change announcements.  In their third such announcement of the day, DC reveals Paul Cornell has departed Demon Knights.  His replacement is Robert Vendetti, best known for his recent work with Valiant on X-O Manowar and for his Surrogates series at Top Shelf (which was adapted for the […]

Ethan Van Sciver Is the New Batman: Dark Knight Artist


Batman is the premier franchise in today’s DC universe, with the flagship Batman title having overtaken Justice League in the sales column.  Batman: The Dark Knight was conceived as an artist’s title, the original artist in question being David Finch.  With Finch heading over to the new Justice League of America title (of which I’m certain we’ll hear more about at NYCC), […]

Abnett and Lanning To Write Battlestar Galactica (Original Version) At Dynamite


In Dynamite’s latest announcement (and we might not be half through them yet), the publisher announces its latest signing, the DnA writing duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.  Their assignment: Battlestar Galactica.  This would be the original 1978 version of Battlestar, or “Classic Battlestar Galactica” as Dynamite is calling it.

Jim Butcher Writing an Original Dresden Files Comic


The Dresden Files comic book has had a couple of homes.  Originally it was a Dabble Brothers comic.  When the Dabble Brothers operation came unraveled, Dresden Files was one of the properties that moved over to Dynamite.  The adaption of Storm Front (the first novel in the series) was completed at the title was dormant.  Well, not any […]