To do, tonight, Seattle: Bowling for the Hero Initiative


Hero Initiative is the non-profit organization that aids comic creators in medical and financial need—and if you’ve been reading the Beat lately you know that they are more needed than ever. Tonight, as part of the Emerald City Comicon, they are having a bowling fundraiser which sounds like a great time for a great cause, as they say. Although spots have already been auctioned off, you can still go watch the fun:

Nice art: Snag this exclusive THE MASSIVE print ONLY THIS WEEKEND


The CBLDF is offering this swell poster for THE MASSIVE by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson as member thank you. BUT ONLY THIS WEEKEND! So hurry if u want to get this charmingly model kit-evoking poster.

Help Gary Friedrich—new donation site set up


We’ve been meaning to write up the disgusting legal maneuver that has left 69-year-old Gary Friedrich owing Marvel $17,000 after a failed attempt to get some ownership of Ghost Rider, a character he co-created back in the ’70s. In a story first reported here by Torsten, Marvel/Disney filed a countersuit for copyright infringement based on Friedrich’s convention appearances selling Ghost Rider-related merchandise. As Daniel Best wrote:

DC, WB team for WE CAN BE HEROES campaign to fight famine in Africa


Superheroes have often stepped up to campaign for charities, but this morning’s announcement of Warner’s new WE CAN BE HEROES initiative has set the bar pretty high. A multi-pronged campaign spearheaded by DC Entertainment and WB has committed several million dollars to teaming with three charities to fight starvation in the Horn of Africa, where 13 million people are currently at risk due to drought and war. In addition to selling merchandise, DC Entertainment will match donations dollar for dollar up to $1 million.

Alan Moore joins David Lloyd on Occupy Comics project


Alan Moore will contribute a prose essay to the Occupy Comics project currently running on Kickstarter. He joins David Lloyd on the roster of the project which will record the Occupy Movement in comics — their V FOR VENDETTA comic has been an inspiration for the protesters with the Guy Fawkes mask from the comics showing up around the globe.

Exclusive: Robertson, Goldman, and Amanda Palmer join Occupy Comics


While comics pundits continue to debate (well, really beat down) Frank Miller over his ornery comments about the Occupy Wall Street movement, Occupy Comics continues to ramp up, with the addition of contributions from Darick Robertson, Dan Goldman, and musician Amanda Palmer , just three new high profile contributors with, we’re told, more to come.

The project has a Kickstarter page , and is already $1000 away from their goal of funding comics coverage of the protest movement. Susan Cagle, Charlie Adlard, Molly Crabapple, Joseph Michael Lisner, Steve Niles, Tim Seeley, Ben Templesmith, and others are already on board.

The Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund announces new directors


The Canadian comics free speech organization known as the CLLDF (Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund) has been mostly dormant for a while, but they have reactivated as part of the CBLDF case involving an American who faces charges over images found on his laptop by Canadian border inspectors. They’ve incorporated and added two Canadians retailers to their board, Jay Bardyla of Edmonton, Alberta; and Jennifer Haines of Guelph, Ontario.

They recently held one fundraising event, and another is planned for the 11th at The Kozmik Zoo.

Brabner launches Kickstarter campaign for Harvey Pekar library statue


Since his death last summer, there’s been much talk about honoring the late Harvey Pekar in his native Cleveland with a statue. 2011-11-3 13:46:41.png

Pekar’s widow Joyce Brabner, was uncomfortable with the idea of a heroic monument, so in conjuction with some local artists they’ve come up with a more populist memorial: a statue at the Cleveland Heights library that would also serve as a place where people can read and make comics.

Steve Rude is out of jail but you can stil help him — UPDATED


Well, you won’t need to help bail him out, but on his Facebook page, artist Steve Rude’s wife, Jaynellle reports that the artist was arrested over a dispute with neighbors.

CBLDF Be Counted Campaign has $23,000 to go — here's what you can do


Charles Brownstein notes that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s October fundraising goal of $100,000 is 77% there — they have today to raise the last $25,000 and lots of great premiums still available. Check out the list below and see if there’s something on your wishlist.

Views of Krypto to benefit Steve Niles's dog


There’s been much speculation over the fate of Krypto, Superman’s pet dog who somehow came with him to Earth, in the New 52 — it seems, based on comments at NYCC, that in this grim, no future world of economic collapse, there is no place for a dog in a cape. We’d argue that the opposite is true — the world needs a dog in a cape more than ever! — but it seems that Superman’s dog will only be seen in flashbacks set on Krypton, like the above Gene Ha variant cover to SUPERMAN #3. He’s also been given a grim and gritty makeover as an albino dire wolf, like he wandered over from the set of Game of Thrones.

Those who miss Krypto will definitely enjoy the art that is going up in an auction for writer Steve Niles’s greyhound Sonny, who is undergoing a very expensive treatment for lymphoma. Artists have been donating art for Niles to sell at auction and collect into a print set to raise money for the treatment. Here’s a Bernie Wrightson piece, which really should be in the 31 days of Halloween folder:

New campaign: A Buck for Jack


Earlier today we noted Stan Lee’s penchant for pacting. Sadly, his partner in the Marvel Age, Jack Kirby, did not live to see the era where his creations and influence dominate pop culture. In fact, his family is right now engaged in a bitter dispute with Marvel Comics over the rights to the characters he created.

Some have called, passionately, for a boycott of Marvel over this. and they would have the high ground. But if a boycott isn’t your style. Nat Gertler has started his own way to remember The King, a program called A Buck for Jack, which suggests you donate a dollar every time you go see a movie based on Kirby’s creations.

Nice art: Garry Trudeau draws Cul-de-Sac


Team Cul-de-Sac launched as a fundraising effort for Parkinson’s Disease Research after Reuben award-winning cartoonist Richard Thompson was diagnosed with the disease. The plan is to publish a book next spring and auction off some of the all-star art. Along the way it’s featured art by retired cartoonists like Bill Watterson and Cathy Guisewite, all drawing Thompson’s Otterloop characters. Here’s a new piece by not-retired cartoonist Garry Trudeau. This is gonna be some book.

Schulz Library needs volunteers tomorrow


Here’s an update on the status of the CCS Schulz Library, which was endangered by flood waters but saved by a plucky and heartwarming band of volunteers who risked danger and dampness to rescue every single book from the library. Although the books are high and dry, the building they were housed in is in questionable shape, and the books are extremely jumbled from the sudden move. In order to get things organized for the new class, arriving in scant days, a call has gone out for some help:

How to Save a Graphic Novel Library


BY JEN VAUGHN – Sunday night, a heroic group of cartoonists clamored their way over rocks, train tracks and rushing waters to evacuate the Schulz Graphic Novel Library.

Reminder: Floating World’s Dylan Williams Benefit Sale


Just as a reminder, today and tomorrow Floating Worlds in Portland is holding a Dylan Williams Benefit Sale

. The Sparkplug publisher is in the hospital battling cancer — with no health insurance, so he can use all the help from his friends he can get.