Comics…it was the worst of times


In the Brian Hibbs column I quoted in my previous post, he also wrote this: We also live in an industry where a significant number of comics being published today are probably not making a living wage for anyone involved — comics that sell just five thousand copies into a national market are probably netting […]

Comics: it was the Best of Times…


There is a happy feeling in general when comics folks get together these days. Oh, there may be the occasional digital kerfuffle, and DC personnel changes allow folks a satisfying “tsk, tsk” or two, but in general more things are working than not. Retailer Brian Hibbs captures this happy moment in his latest Tilting at […]

Is Ike-ification hitting all of Disney?


Have Ike Perlmutter’s penny-pinching ways spread to all of Disney?

Weekly news wrap-up: Catalyst, Red Giant, Superman


Instead of Kibbles ‘n’ bits, we present a bunch of things I had tagged that I never got to write up in all the excitement. The news never sleeps!

Saga #12 rewrites the books


The matter of “Who censored Saga #12?” has been termed a fiasco by some, and that’s probably the right word. While I certainly didn’t foresee the shocking swerve that saw comiXology revealed as the actual entity that thought those two tiny BJ/bukakke panels weren’t Apple-friendly, in private conversations yesterday, I had begun to suspect that […]

Must read shocker: There is still a US Manga industry


Brigid Alverson shows us how it’s done in this comprehensive report on the state of the US manga market. The big shock is that despite sales shrinkage since the boom years, it’s still a relatively stable market:

Can creators really get their books back from Tokyopop?


We’ve been covering the sometimes glorious, sometimes ignominious history of Tokyopop for as long as there has been a Beat. Although its biggest legacy is as a manga innovator, its most notorious is the string of unfinished OEL—”original English Language”—series it left behind. An ambitious publishing program that put out dozens of new books by […]

Court rules digital resales are a no-no


Can you sell “used” digital copies of books and music? You used to be able to via services such as ReDigi which allowed you to upload a digital file while removing it from your computer. However a court has ruled that this resale does not come under the first sale doctrine, since it isn’t a […]

Madefire teams with deviantART for more motion comics


Madefire—the VC-funded IoS-based comics starter— and DeviantART, the 7th largest social network on the internet, have teamed up to share art and technology. Madefire will allow its motion comics technology to be available on DV to present comics, and DV users will use this technology to create new limited animation comics. Todd Allen previewed the […]

DC to publish digital comics based on 1966 Batman


Holy licensing deal, Batman!

It seems that the campy, kitschy 1966 version of Batman—which was long verboten to be mentioned at DC and WB in general due to it’s campy, kitschy nature. But as many noted, a line of toys based on the show was introduced at Toy Fair, and now we see that a whole line of merchandise, including a digital-first comic — is coming.

JManga shuts down, taking all the manga you bought with it


It came in the night like an earthquake or a car crash: JManga, the digital manga portal set up by 39 of Japan’s migegst publishers, is shutting down. As of last night you could not make any more point purchases, as of the 26th you will no longer be able to purchase manga and as of May 30th the entire site goes away — taking all of the manga you bought with it.

More details on Make That Thing, TopatoCo’s Kickstarter Fulfillment House


A couple of interviews with more information on Make That Thing, the new company that helps successful Kickstarter campaign actually send out all their rewards. it’s a division of TopatoCo, the webcomics’s merchandising company which already has a formidable infrastructure—a fork lift!, warehouses, employees!—and manufacturing contacts to help their cartoonists sell their merch. The program is rolling out slowly as an in house project.

Warner about to become Time-free—what does it mean for DC Comics?


Time Warner has found its magazine division all too quittable: after an unsuccessful attempt to sell off the print division which puts out Time, People, Sports Illustrated, it has decided to just split it off into its own business, and hope stock investors come along who like to look at glossy magazine. It’s a similar to the move Mr. Burns Rupert Murdoch pulled recently, splitting Fox into two divisions: The Fox Group, which includes movies and TV, and News Corp., which includes the newspaper division.

Barnes & Noble rethinks Nook strategy


In the wake of disappointing holiday sales, Barnes & Noble is rethinking its Nook strategy, the NY times reports, citing anonymous sources. As physical bookstores have become a beloved, adorable but untenable endangered species, kind of like the panda bear, since 2009 B&N has smartly attempted to move its core business into the digital segment. Their Nook e-reader is widely though of as a competitive (maybe even superior) platform to the Kindle, but recents sales have been down, proving making a cool gadget is no panacea, and maintaining your cool gadget is an ultra competitive field.

Diamond’s Digital Previews – Could It Make Any Less Sense?


I just don’t think Diamond gets digital.  They’re trying, but they keep throwing some really odd things out there.  This latest bit has me somewhere between scratching my head and insulted.  It was recently pointed out that Diamond was going to start selling digital copies of its Previews catalog.  I went for a look, sure […]

New publisher/distro Black Mask Studios debuts with Moore, Lloyd, RZA and more


Not meaning to bury this news in the Friday afternoon graveyard, but wanted to get it out there: the long awaited Black Mask Studios transmedia/alternate distribution comics company set up by writer Steve Niles, producer Matt Pizzolo (Halo 8) and Epitaph Records’ Brett Gurewitz has finally gone live and announced its debut projects.